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Not all novels are worth reading!

The famous playwright, Neil Simon in his brilliant autobiography explains the review that has been most helpful to him in his career has been –

“Neil Simon did not have a good idea for a play this year, but he wrote one anyway.”

I think this happens too often with novelists as well. A frequent question […]

Don’t ask Clarke Carlisle why?

Confusing news today about Clarke Carlisle and let’s not forget the very sad demise of Gary Speed not too long ago.

I say confusing, because Clarke Carlisle is a man who on the face of it, appears to have it all. But of course, depression is not a factor of how things appear. Depression is […]

You can be an ‘expert’ too?

I always enjoy the ‘experts’ who are interviewed on news bulletins and state facts that everyone knows already.

Terrorism experts explaining that terrorists are notoriously volatile and difficult to defeat.

Retail experts explaining that shops need to be progressive, adopt new technologies and provide their customers with what they want.

Air crash experts explaining that the ocean […]

Ted Robbins, a dying breed of comedian.

Ted Robbins is a rare comedian indeed -insofar as he supports other comics.

I can remember years ago sitting on the sofa of The Des O’Connor Show at Teddington Studios with Des roaring away as was his way – but I could also hear Ted laughing like a drain also from the audience. Ted was […]

This bloody ‘mansion tax’…

Increasing taxes and death are the only constants in our lives and it follows that none of us very much care for either.

No one likes paying tax – and especially not a wealth tax like the mansion tax.

We already have a direct tax system which is very broad.

Our income is taxed. Then if an […]

The Greek Tragedy with a long term happy ending?

The greatest legacy of New Labours 13 year reign is that they kept us out of the Euro – albeit by fluke because Tony Blair was elected on adopting the Euro and it was central to his ambitions – but he was scuppered by Gordon Brown out of spite and not for any economic […]

How come all these actors are posh?

The preponderance of ‘posh’ actors is a subject of an ongoing debate. Rather appropriately, ‘posh’ actors are in the spotlight? Indeed, such ‘posh’ success could easily be extended to all areas of public life, (half of our Olympic medal winners hailed from private schools) – politicians and the media are mostly ‘posh’ and don’t […]

Dad, what is politics?

I was recently asked by one of my boys – ‘Dad, what is politics?’

I sighed because what a huge question and thought, where to start?

But this morning, the answer hit me with the news that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died – a death which I imagine few people listening to BBCR5 was […]

hurray. Wolf Hall is on telly tonight!

A period drama to me means two things.

It is either a dowdy film where actors usually take things far too seriously and almost always speak too poshly – or it is a time of the month (not each month) that I will ‘never understand’ and where I can do nothing right for the lady […]

No I am not a knob. Please, let me explain…

This is a picture of me today.

Unless I am in Cuba or Miami – whenever I see a man with shoes, trousers and no socks then I always think – ‘what a knob.’

I once saw Brian Ferry on Wardour Street without socks and I even thought it then.

So why me now and on this cold […]