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Welcome to my world, Tom

Channel hopping yesterday, Nikki and I chanced upon a celebrity edition of THE CHASE - and we both remarked that we didn't know any of the celebrities playing - as I am sure other people remarked when I myself appeared on the very same show.

The signs are all around…

Glasgow airport, Sunday morning just gone, I am walking for my gate to catch a flight home to London; with too much stuff and too few hands as is usually the way. 'I didn't even want a coffee!

Age Proof!

All golfers know that the backswing shortens with age.

The next decade is all mine…

September is always a busy and happy month with birthdays and various anniversaries. Plus, there is back to school. Post summer. The nights drawing in. Sam heading off to university and even more so this year, since I am reminded that it is 10 years since Tom took to the stage in the West End and Eclipsed was born - or in other words, my life and our family dynamic changed forever.

Saved by Spider-Man…

There are a lot of people in the Holland household anyway. Add visitors, friends, Tess our dog and the house is busy and usually frenetic. And as such, stuff gets lost or misplaced very easily. And so stuff is hard to find, always.

Work-shy teachers?

On-stage at Edinburgh this year, I was happy to see an old mate in the audience called Joel Sanders. He used to run a comedy club in Ruislip and is responsible for one of the hardest gigs that I have ever done.

Moving all goal posts…

Post Edinburgh, Nikki announces that she is now tee-total.

Edinburgh Fringe – A brief Epilogue

Big thanks and a special mention to Sam who sat through all 22 shows, albeit with his ear-phones in and on-line I don't doubt and who can blame him?

A special day on the fringe…

A special day in Edinburgh yesterday with the arrival of Tom and Harry – up for just one day to catch the only show on the fringe…

Happy Days and Knights…

It feels odd being in Edinburgh as a veteran. Where does the time go and all that? But being 'old' only increases my sense of belonging to the comedy world and particularly to the people who I cut my comedy teeth with and sometimes on.