Do you shout at the news?

Do you shout at the news?

I do and I did this morning when John Humphries on BBC R4 announced how many high street shops close per day…

I say this in the context of my day just gone.

In the morning I played golf with Tom and I won. (As I write this post, he is […]

The great British public…

At Waterloo Station today, I went to Lost Property in the vain hope that my lost iphone might have been handed in. I say vain, because I have registered the loss on-line and they send a notification if the item is found – and there has been no such notification.

At the Waterloo Lost Property […]


In my inimitable way I have been blogging for years on the wrong site.

Via my old school mate, nerds are now being recruited and set to work…

Their fiendishly clever workings will make this site the place for all things DH – including backlist books and shows plus the new show The Glory Year (now […]

Upcoming gigs

In the run-up to the Edinburgh Festival, come and see Dominic at these gigs in June and July:

6th June, LONDON – The Comedy Pub, Oxendon Street, W1 – ticketsource:

13th June, SUTTON COLDFIELD, The Comedy Junction

16th June, BROMSGROVE, 01527 577330

1st July, SHEFFIELD,  3.25pm

4th July, TRING, HERTS,

5th July, LEWES,

14th July KINGSTON, The Grey Horse 3pm, 

15th July, […]

Super-heroes in London

Having been born and lived in London all of my life, I have many memories of this world city which has been transformed in the last decade or so and continues to changing so much before our eyes.

And no better example of such a dramatic transformation than Shepherds Bush?

All Londoners will have a particular […]

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So how the hell did it happen then?

Having a son like my eldest is definitely odd – especially so, given what happened to him yesterday evening.

And as you can imagine, I am constantly asked a number of questions;

Am I going to retire now? No

Did Tom go to a drama school? No

In fact, until Tom played Billy in Billy Elliot in London’s […]

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    Dominic appears for a second time on Sky News paper review show

Dominic appears for a second time on Sky News paper review show

The majority of people tend to have a lie-in on Bank Holiday Monday, but not Dominic. The intrepid comedian was up bright and early for his appearance on the Sky News Paper Review show, which takes place between 6-10am every day.

As part of his appearance on the leading news channel, he sat alongside […]

That’s my boys…

With what is happening to Tom and my family at present – I am conscious that pride is one of the seven deadly sins and rightly so. No one likes a smug bastard after all?

But something happened the other night which made me very proud and it is something I am happy to share […]

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Andy the Great

Any stand up worth his salt will tell you that material goes out of date and needs to be dropped.

Some routines just become stale. Others become clichéd and feel generic and some are outdone by technology. For years I relied heavily on my fax routine until the internet came along and saw it off.

I […]

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A sad knock out

A big fight this weekend and an interesting one for all sorts of reasons.

Firstly, two white men contesting the heavy weight championship of the world. When was the last time this happened – Rocky III aside?

One of the boxers is British – a man called Tyson Fury – from an Irish traveller background and […]

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