New blog is coming…

but I am snowed with finishing the ebook – signing off my novel, The Fruit Bowl – and having the file of my first ever stand up show completed – plus I still have four kids to contain – so for now I would give you a lovely new picture taken recently in New York…

Please bear with…



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The famous London bus

London today on this cold and miserable day. I don’t normally like buses. Big, uncomfortable, noisy things that get in the way.

This one made me smile though. I didn’t see what number it was, distracted as I was…

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Don’t know what to call this post

Now that the story of Eclipsed is complete – this site is going to morph in to a more general DH site. (no pressure on me to keep people’s attention on my own!)

For this reason, Eclipsed will remain a section on the new site with all the takes for those wishing to scroll through – or […]

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    Eclipsed Take 119 – His mum should really have been here to see this

Eclipsed Take 119 – His mum should really have been here to see this

This post today (no.119) concludes a story about how a kid danced his way from Billy Elliot in the West End all the way to Hollywood and overtaking his ‘celebrity’ dad along the way.

I am the ‘celebrity’ dad and my eldest son, Tom, is the kid – and it finally happened last night when his film, […]

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Eclipsed Take 118 – people watching

Last night, a screening was hosted by Jack Black for The Impossible at the Chateau Marmont. It is on Sunset Bulvd and is LA’s most elegant and chic hotel. It is also one of the oldest at 85 years old – and like many of the residents of LA, it receives constant work and attention to stay […]

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Eclipsed Take 117 – Hanging out…

So Drew Barrymore has seen The Impossible and wants to meet Tom. Right, let me see if we can find a window…

We arrive early at a bar on Sunset Blvd – and I’ve prepped Tom fully about what to expect. That Drew will come with her ‘people’ and we’ll have a half hour or so.

Wrong! How […]

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Eclipsed Take 116 – Who’s the daddy?

It never goes down well when we hear actors talking about how hard they work. Not that they don’t but because they are so well provided for.

Yesterday, however, Tom worked himself into a early bed and very extended sleep – completing two interviews with journalists on the phone, a photo shoot for the LA Times […]

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Eclipsed Take 115 – Second Take of the day. A first

I wrote this take in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, LA – which is entirely appropriate for this story. It is very early in the morning local time and I am unable to sleep – so writing is a good idea, plus I have stuff on my mind…

I’ve been here before, to The Four […]

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    Eclipsed Take 114 – There’s Gwyneth Paltrow, don’t look!

Eclipsed Take 114 – There’s Gwyneth Paltrow, don’t look!

Yesterday Tom and I flew to LA first class. No big deal for Tom perhaps, because he made the very same trip only last week. But a huge deal for me although I don’t let on to anyone around me in the lounge or in the plane. Oh yeah, this is normal. 

On our way out of the […]

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Eclipsed Take 90 – These are not Tom’s Parents


The Four Seasons Hotel, LA.

Mrs Holland on Skype last night – “I’m missing the boys and want to come home now.”

Yeah right…

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