Some hosts just turn up and take the cheque.

Some conference presenters don’t like to be put out. They won’t take a conference call before the event with the clients let alone actually meet them in person. And then the event itself can even feel like something of an inconvenience to them. As though they have better places to be!

They might say things like;

“… don’t need to be there at 4pm if the evening doesn’t start until 8pm.”

‘…don’t need to do a run through. I can read perfectly well and I’ve done this a thousand times…’

The sort of things that hardly inspire and make clients nervous.

Any professional event organizer will understand how crucial it is to book the right host for an event to be successful. Both in terms of the experience of the delegates but also how easy the host made things for the event organizers as well.

Dominic Holland understands this role completely and he sets out to ease any anxiety and not add to it.

Dominic is happy to meet and discuss with clients to help plan events and to offer his own experience and make suggestions for how events can be lifted out from the ordinary and become memorable. He is happy to arrive when the client requires him to and he does all rehearsals necessary for producers and crew.

He will not just trot out the same generic speech. He will research and tailor his act wherever possible so that he is relevant to those people attending.

And as well as his professionalism, let’s not forget that Dominic Holland is also a comedian of some repute and ability. He picks out an irreverent line but never a defamatory one to make much hay.

Dominic Holland is not a news reader!

He will not just read out loud the script that is given to him. Being a professional comedian and writer, he will use these skills and bring them to bear, so that the evening or conference has a zip and is entertaining and is therefore memorable.

“Dominic is not only a superb stand up comedian but an excellent conference presenter with a talent for turning an awards ceremony into a  entertaining event by adding his own amusing ad libs into the script.”

Alasdair Northrop, Editor, Scottish Business Insider, April 2014

Dominic Holland is an awards host and after-dinner speaker who can be relied upon and this explains why so many clients have used him again and again, both nationally and internationally.

No matter how beautiful the venue, the food, the wine, the staging, the audio-visual, or who delivers the key note during the day – an event – either a two day conference or a dinner or an awards ceremony will hinge on the success of the host. This is what delegates will remember and so it is important to use a host who cares about your event, will add to your event and has the ability, talent and desire to make your event the event that delegates want to attend year after year.


As comfortable addressing 3000 people for dinner at the Cowes Regatta on the Isle if White or an intimate dinner for 60 at a medieval Chateau on Lake Geneva.

He has hosted three day conferences for BUPA, BRISTOL MYERS-SQUIBB, ICELAND, SANOFI, MAZDA and many others.