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Dom Holland is Alive in Tring

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In his book Eclipsed, Dominic Holland makes lots of claims to being a funny man – which is evident or not in his writing? But the laughter of an audience is more compelling and here is an hour of Dom doing his day job of being a stand-up comic – and making people laugh out loud. Whether you laugh along is up to you. The show can be downloaded in full or taken in chapters. ‘Enjoy’ as they say…



Eclipsed – How Tom Holland Eclipsed His “Celebrity” Dad

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Tom Holland is constantly being requested for interviews by the world’s press and invariably he is asked, how does a kid get to become Spider-Man? All such interviews are now redundant. Eclipsed is 100,000 words with over 60 photographs in black and white and full colour and is all anyone needs to know about the extraordinary story of how a kid got spotted and managed to get through all of the tiny hoops leading to Hollywood.


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