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An animated family sitcom with football at its heart.

Aired this April on ITV
itvCo-Produced by BABY COW PRODUCTIONS – the people who brought you GAVIN AND STACEY – WARREN UNITED is the sit-com that the UK has been waiting years for.

FAMILY GUY, THE SIMPSONS and SOUTH PARK – the Americans make funny animated sitcoms and now with WARREN UNITED, so do we.
There are six episodes in this first series and Dominic Holland has written two of them.


What the critics had to say –


The Guardian Guide: “The pedigree of the scriptwriters and actors ensures that this one is eminently watchable.”

“And along comes Warren United, tucked away on itv4… and it was really pretty damn good… There were lots of good lines in it, lots of good characters… it shows tremendous promise… “

Keith O’Sullivan, Sunday Mirror TV columnist

“Britain finally produces a potentially viable adult sitcom.”

The Times: *** Three stars

“Much more fun than most recent conventional sitcoms”:

Sunday Times “Critic’s Choice” and “Pick of The Day”

“A pleasant surprise all round”

Daily Mail Weekend: **** Four Stars

“Plenty to laugh at… moments that are little gems”: Mail on Sunday: PICK OF THE DAY: **** Four Stars:

The Mail on Sunday, 20/04/2014

… but it’s the writing that makes Warren United work, thanks to the quirky little details an ice-cream van with the sign ‘Doldrums Ices’ and moments that are little gems: look out for the talking police horses.”

The Mail on Sunday 20/04/2014

“Could Warren United be the British answer to The Simpsons?

The Independent

“Looks like a winner”: The People TV Choice

“Hilarious New Animated Comedy”

“The team behind Alan Partridge have produced an hilarious new animated football show that is all about supporting a useless team.”

“ITV4’s hilarious new animated football comedy show Warren United”:

“Must-See TV Everyone is Talking About”: The Sun

Information of when the series will be shown again (hopefully) and is re- commissioned (double hopefully) and DH is asked to write more episodes (triple…) will be posted on this site at some point to come.


A sitcom written by and starring Hal Cruttenden and Dominic Holland

On BBC Radio 4 in the autumn of 2014
radio4Hal is married to a woman who is much more successful than him. And more attractive than him as well. Much more! Hal doesn’t have a job. Hal is between jobs but the ‘between’ has been a long time and Hal doesn’t need the ‘between’ to end because his wife is so successful. But still, Hal worries a lot.

And hilarity ensues for four half hours with a second and third series to come – with an eventual cross over to television, first to BBC2 then after its first BAFTA, a triumphant crossover to BBC1 and more awards and gongs to follow before smashing the US market and worldwide syndication to follow.