A Man’s Life

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Brief synopsis:

Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Little things that might appear innocuous at the time but lead to have life changing consequences. Sometimes good and sometimes bad.

A Man’s Life is a heart rending novel that draws on this theme.

Break-time at St. Edmunds School in 1970. Tom Harper is a 12 year boy being bullied. Paddy Porter is an older boy who knows neither of the boys involved but he senses a mismatch and he settles the dispute. In doing so, he changes his life and Tom’s forever.

A fleeting moment that some thirty years later will reconnect them both and save each others life.

A Man’s Life is a life affirming novel. A moving love story about two unlikely friends; it will move readers from tears to laughter and finally to joy.

A book that celebrates the human spirit and values love and kinship above all else. Holland has made his living by observing human nature. He makes people laugh by reflecting our lives in his own. Ten years in the writing, A Man’s Life is a novel that could not be written quickly. Based on a series of real life events in Dominic’s own life and elsewhere, it is a story that needed to evolve. A beautiful story of love and loss, Holland shines a brilliant light on human nature. Our vulnerability, our impotence and our need for other people and their love to complete us as human beings.

Readers Comments

“What an enjoyable book. I am sitting here a 1.30am feeling a little lost because I have finished this book. You know that sad empty feeling when something great is over”
Sharon Newman

“I loved this book. It made me cry and laugh. A wonderful read”

It was so emotional, made me cry and laugh throughout. It’s one of those books that you don’t want to put down till you finish.

I admire anyone who can tell a story as well as Dominic Holland tells this one.
Ida’s mum

“I can’t enthuse enough about this latest offering from Dominic Holland”
D Shakepeare

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