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triple eclipse

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Last night, my twins were in the their house play at school. A competition amongst six houses – each team doing a section from a famous play. I arrived as a bad dad. For some reason, I thought my boys were doing an exert from Sherlock… Read More »triple eclipse

Empire Building

Last night was full of mixed emotions for me. Pride that my son should win an award. Well done Tom. Bemusement to be in a room full of film luminaries who belong to an exclusive club that I have never managed to join myself despite… Read More »Empire Building

The Great Room

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The Great Room means a lot to comedians. When I say means a lot, what I really mean is that it provides a lot.  The Great Room is the biggest and most prestigious corporate dining hall in a London hotel. Its location helps. In the 5 star… Read More »The Great Room

What eclipse…

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People who have read the epilogue of my book – how tom holland eclipsed his dad – will be pleased/interested to know that today I have a meeting with a production company along these very lines. Deluded. Me? I was right all along…  

Not just me being eclipsed

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Exciting night in the Holland household but ultimately a disappointing one as Got to Dance played out on Sky1 with the gurning Davina giving it large as only she can. Tom had two friends from Billy Elliot competing in this prestigious event. Lewis Cope who was one… Read More »Not just me being eclipsed

a walk too far…

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There are many walks that are very far and very welcome. A crisp Sunday morning in  a park or a forest springs immediately to mind. Some even walk to the North or South Pole – which is not for me but I admire their stoicism… Read More »a walk too far…