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Radio 4 Controversy

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This Saturday morning I was alerted by three answerphone messages that Tom had featured on the BBC’s Today programme in a feature of children being exploited. Understandably concerned and possibly angry I fired up my PC. Lil Poopy anyone? No, me neither. He is a… Read More »Radio 4 Controversy

Life is so delicate

Readers of this blog or watchers of my DVD will know that I broke my leg last year. A terrible injury which made 2012 pretty difficult with some reperussions still lingering as this wretched recession continues to envelope us all. A chance then to feel sorry for… Read More »Life is so delicate

The Goyas

Last night, Tom and I attended the Goya Awards in Madrid – the Spanish Baftas and a brilliant example of the cultural differences within Europe. Both are show piece nights of their respective film years. Both are on TV. Both are staged on a Sunday… Read More »The Goyas

the goya awards

tomorrow I will be attending the Goya Awards in Madrid – expect a funny post in a day or two.  Eclipsed might now be over but some things are good to rub in…

Gun Crime

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  It is fairly logical that guns and knives are commonly associated with the word, crime. They have let legitimate uses of course, in particular, knives. I use knives every day without a thought of ever being arrested but I understand that in the wrong… Read More »Gun Crime

The Spark in Marks

I enjoyed many years working for various branches of Marks and Spencer. West Ealing, then the daddy of them all, Marble Arch in the warehouse but it all started off working in the posh Kensington High Street. Ken H St was good fun because the various… Read More »The Spark in Marks