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Believe in people

  • by Dom

So this week I was lost and bereft – not because of anything terrible like a bereavement or an illness but because I could not find my wallet. I don’t tend to drama but I was ashen. It was only maybe £50 (I say only… Read More »Believe in people

the wonders of the web

  • by Dom

This is one of the nicest emails I have ever received – and it cheered my day no end… Other people wishing to mail me with similar are very welcome. Hiya Dom, You may not remember – we met when I was compering a gig… Read More »the wonders of the web

The laws of twitter

Twitter is ultimately a popularity contest – an event played out openly for all to see whether particpants like it or not.  How many followers? This is the first question or the first thing that people look at. It denotes status.  And the ratio is absolutely central and… Read More »The laws of twitter

The packed tube look

If circumstances inform and inspire my stand-up comedy, then it follows that with change, that my routines might become obsolete. I used to have a very successful routine on fax machines which would mean nothing now and certainly garner few laughs. Similarly, I used to… Read More »The packed tube look

browsers welcome

Browsers are very welcome to this site – to mooch around and hopefully get something that they are after. The site has become extraordinarily busy in the last month – so much so, that my engineer type people are telling me that we need a larger… Read More »browsers welcome


Twitter is commonly used these days as a barometer of fame and/or success. I have long known that @tomholland1996 would outgun @domholland – and it has duly happened today which many people have gleefully been pointing out to me – so a good job I can take… Read More »Twittered!

LBC 97.3

Tomorrow I am going to be on the Iain Dale Show on LBC 97.3 – a little after 12.30am discussing my book – how tom holland eclipsed his dad – which has now been joined on Amazon by my previous novels, Only in America and The… Read More »LBC 97.3

The indie piece

Today’s news – tomorrow’s fish n chip wrapping is how the saying goes… so for those of you who missed the piece in yesterday’s Independent, here it is… * It is the natural order of things that successive generations will achieve more than their predecessors.… Read More »The indie piece