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The story so far…

(welcome to any readers from mumsnet – I hope you enjoy this post and feel inclined to delve in to this extraordinary true story of parenthood…)  If I had more time and was more technically skilled, this would be an easy take to write – collating all the VT footage and… Read More »The story so far…

Scooping Fleet Street

  • by Dom

Thank you to all the people who have been in touch about ‘Daybreak’ today featuring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor from the forthcoming film, The Impossible. Tom is not appearing on this interview as he was at school on the day it was recorded where… Read More »Scooping Fleet Street

Eclipsed Introduction

  • by Dom

Welcome to Eclipsed – a real life and real time story of a somewhat famous dad being overshadowed by his 14 year old son in show-business. The story will run sequentially with a posting each midweek called a Take – and any other notices will be… Read More »Eclipsed Introduction