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Instead, please welcome his dad…

It is perhaps a foolhardy admission that I am not a huge Super-hero fan. By this I mean I do not live my life on a countdown to the next film. I have not even seen them all and so I don’t understand each impact and permutation of each character arc and no part […]

An emotional victory…

I realise that comedy and golf combined has a certain reputation and is most usually maligned and sniffed at.

It is not lost on me then that my adulthood has been largely occupied by both pursuits, with mixed and mostly disappointing outcomes, punctuated by fleeting moments of wonder and joy, of which one occurred recently […]

I am Spartacus…

At Heathrow with Sam and Harry – on our way to Atlanta to surprise Tom…

Amidst all the announcements we are familiar with, suddenly I hear my name. I wait for a moment, all my senses attuned now and then I hear it again.

“Would Mr Dominic Holland make his way to Gate…”

Quickly I gather my […]


Surprises run long and deep in the Holland family.

Tom becoming Spider-Man and indeed a movie star will probably remain the biggest surprise of all – eclipsing even the surprise of my own failing to reach the dizzy heights… I must write this in to a story one day!

But on a smaller scale too, other […]

Humbled again…

This year is my 25th anniversary – of when I started to play golf – and despite huge effort and much anguish, I remain hopeless.

It is also our 25th wedding anniversary which means that Nikki has witnessed this entire sporting debacle. Over the years, she has seen how excited I am heading for the […]


A bust is perhaps the ultimate sign of a truly great man. Churchill has one. Dickens. Shakespeare of course and now me.

So why then, am I less than happy with such an honour.

Earlier this year, hosting a charity quiz for Lunch Bowl – a charity that The Brothers Trust supports – someone thought that […]

Story telling…

An audition yesterday for Audible to become a book narrator which was different and exciting.

Especially so since they asked me to bring along two pieces to read – a fiction and non-fiction and ‘it should be writing that I feel comfortable reading in my own voice.’

My advantage being that I have lots of my […]

Tiger in a garden shed…

We can argue whether America is the leader of the free world or nor but it is indisputable that America is the world’s cultural superpower with its influence far, wide and complete.

By this I mean, it’s influence on other cultures.

Our rock stars sing in American accents. The street language and modern culture of kids […]

RIP Cogs…

This stand-up bill of comics who have passed grows ever longer and now reads like one of the big benefits on C4 – and this week our much loved Ian Cognito added his name to the list – and would make a good claim to close the show!

Because when Ian was on – few […]

End of tour…

Today is a landmark day in the Holland household.

A true first – or at least a first in over twenty years.

I refer to the return of Patrick from his school tour of Sri Lanka – and the end of this kid free house that we have been for the last week.

Not to say that […]