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Have I got Jokes for you…

From Edinburgh to Farnham and St.Martin’s Hall…

I imagine that there are theatres in Farnham but for comics not booked on the telly – you take your venues as you find em…

A local nursery venue by day – and a comedy club by night. No green room. No kudos. A mic from PC World and […]

Calling all tax dodgers…

Just received a call on my mobile – a number not in my phone which I answered to the following recorded message…

“…this is HMRC. You are accused of tax avoidance and evasion. This is important. Do not ignore this message. You must respond. Call us back on this…”

Obviously, a scam by contemptible people and […]

Family life of an unusual family…

Over the weekend, Sam and Harry shared with us some anecdotes of their world trip that they took together earlier this year – organised by Harry and paid for by mum and dad – and with ample spending money for them to have fun, remain fed and watered and see them both safely home.

On […]

We all need Momentum

The Brothers Trust supports a few local charities – including Momentum, a charity for children with life limiting illnesses – which was founded out of the hospital where our four strapping sons were born. Actually, none of them are strapping, but they are healthy, thank God.

Tonight I am hosting a comedy night in Kingston […]

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Do you shout at the news?

Do you shout at the news?

I do and I did this morning when John Humphries on BBC R4 announced how many high street shops close per day…

I say this in the context of my day just gone.

In the morning I played golf with Tom and I won. (As I write this post, he is […]

The great British public…

At Waterloo Station today, I went to Lost Property in the vain hope that my lost iphone might have been handed in. I say vain, because I have registered the loss on-line and they send a notification if the item is found – and there has been no such notification.

At the Waterloo Lost Property […]

A special day for all the right reasons…

Following yesterday's blog post - I am pleased to report that this hospital visit actually took place yesterday and by accounts it was a great success. That said, a success is a dubious word to use given the circumstances of children with very uncertain outlooks, including two siblings studying at Paddy's school.


In my inimitable way I have been blogging for years on the wrong site.

Via my old school mate, nerds are now being recruited and set to work…

Their fiendishly clever workings will make this site the place for all things DH – including backlist books and shows plus the new show The Glory Year (now […]

Welcome to my world, Tom

Channel hopping yesterday, Nikki and I chanced upon a celebrity edition of THE CHASE - and we both remarked that we didn't know any of the celebrities playing - as I am sure other people remarked when I myself appeared on the very same show.