Break a leg…

If you saw my show Eclipsed – or have read the book, then you will know that I broke my leg very badly some years back. Not by playing rugby or riding a motorbike or something else credible, but a dad on a child’s scooter having dropped his youngest son at school and making his […]


An Impromptu Blog …

As I write, an eventful week in Dubai comes to a close with one final gig this evening. I say eventful but for all the wrong reasons.
Uneventful might be a better description given that our events in Abu Dhabi were cancelled as the world goes in to Corona shut down and an odd atmosphere descends on us all. As though we are all protagonists in an Armageddon movie with countries closed, flights suspended and normality suspended. So we hunker down, hope and keep an eye on what

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Me getting all Gandolf on you…

Amidst the Corona hysteria gripping the world, it seems that hunkering down and staying away from crowds is the way to survive. Or at least this is how it is being reported; along with avoid travelling and in planes in particular with the close proximity and recycled air. A problem for me then, given that I write this post in Dubai – on my third day of a 10 day tour. I could have cancelled the gigs of course but for the fact that I would forego my fee. My career choice being the original zero hours contract. No sick pay. No contracts. No laughs, no gigs and no money!

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This really happened…

If you’re going to write something that is worth reading – then you will need either a good imagination or be fortunate enough that things just happen to you that are worth chronicling. Sometimes I need to create a blog post. I mean actively look for inspiration during the week and hope that something occurs. And occasionally something happens to me and the post practically writes itself. Like the one you are about to read.

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One of life’s great perils is living for tomorrow. Something that most of us would do well to be vigilant of and to make any necessary adjustments to avoid. You will recognise the thinking I have in mind. “When this happens, then everything will be…” “If I can get this over with…”In this context, ‘if’ and ‘when’ can be costly words – because if unchecked, our lives will flash by all too quickly and something we will realise too late.


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