Making the Cut…

The kitchen is the hub of any house. Much more so than the lounge and especially since TV’s have become redundant, replaced by laptops and even phones now. Who knew? And to think I recall watching in wonder a colour television for the first time. Now I am barely able to turn my TV on… […]


Beating Lockdown/Jan blues…

Which of us doesn’t wish to be regarded as cool? To be considered chic and hip. From our school days onwards, we are aware of social hierarchies and where we sit. Being cool is mostly associated with being young and might explain why people are afraid of growing old and why plastic surgeons are even […]


Glass half full…

Recently I have written a few obituaries or tributes to men who have had a large bearing on my life. And so it is this week with the passing of Michael Apted, the director of P’Tang Yang Kipperbang, a TV film that I starred in. Well, starred in? What I mean is, appeared in. I […]


A Modern Family…

The Holland family are back to full strength over Christmas with Tom and Harry back from the States and Sam back from Gleneagles. And due to various circumstances, all back to their parents’ house. The Old Folks Home as they might call it. Like an old school Christmas then and great fun but for the […]


Oh, to be a scribe…

There is a romantic notion of being a writer. Something magical. Only an imagination required and how bountiful it can be. The sales and acclaim. Book tours and readings. Adaptations, premieres… And the process of writing itself; so noble and dignified. A room with a view for the creative juices. A house by the ocean […]


Being green is bad for us…

Doing numerous radio interviews for Takes on Life, presenters off-air have been careful to enquire if it’s agreeable to make mention of my progeny and in particular my first born. I am approving of their etiquette and manners and I quickly assure them that is absolutely fine. Hell, had ‘Tom’ not happened, it is unlikely […]


Slap dash or Cunning?

Finally, an upside of Covid 19 with Sam returning home because the world famous Gleneagles resort has been shut until February 2021. Waiting for him at Gatwick airport this week I felt ambivalent. Excited of course to see my Sam but saddened to experience a once bustling airport now so deserted and desolate; a metaphor […]


My local…

A chap came to our house this week and a very nice chap he was too. I say this because it happens to be true but also because he was delivering a swanky new printer for Nikki. And for free by the way, courtesy of a YouTube clip that Paddy made when we were launching […]


Maradona or Pele?

People prefer absolutes in life, of course. Binary decisions and outcomes. But life is often more complex than this and becoming ever more so. Who crossed the finishing line first? This is fine when measuring the fastest sprinter on earth but less satisfactory when the finishing line happens to be in an election as we […]


Writing my way out…

How many kids grow up to do for a living what they dreamt of? Not many, I’d say. Certainly not the ones who planned on being astronauts. Like most little boys, I had fleeting aspirations of being a football player and to play for En-ger-land.  I wasn’t a very clever child and yet I quickly […]


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