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A post for a new decade…

There is only one way to begin this post, so here goes; a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and NEW DECADE to you all! There is definitely a cut off for such cursory wishes. Not an official date but just a feeling that we all seem to discern at roughly the same time; perhaps when we reason that this year is much like the last. I hope then that this post and my well-wishes has arrived in time?


What a decade…

Just a quick post to say thank you to all my visitors and readers over the last year. For the old-timers amongst you, you will have witnessed a website that hardly functions at all to something ending the year in much better shape – with many more improvements to come, I hope – including a […]


On Dad, then?

With Tom and Harry home from Cleveland and the Holland’s back to full strength, a recent evening was a simple affair and yet one for my fatherhood diary. Not that it will endure for very long, I suspect. Not if first steps, words or even my boys births are anything to go by as my advancing years wreaks havoc with my memory. And not such a momentous night anyway. Not a meal out for us all to a favourite eatery or a trip to the theatre. It wasn’t even all of us; just Tom, Harry, Sam and I and down to our local pub for a few beers.


New Years Reading…

Practise makes perfect – or so the adage goes.

‘Perfect’ being relative of course and depending on myriad factors including ability and talents. The awkward upshot of this being that some people’s ‘perfect’ is better than others. More perfect, I suppose. Which is awkward but a fact of life and why we venerate certain people and not everyone.Golf is a useful way to contextualise this. The hardest game of all – and famously associated with a quote…“the harder I practise, the luckier I get.”


Breaking the internet… (slowly)

Rare for me to write a second blog of the week but when something so momentous occurs…

This week, almost on a whim, Sam and I sat down and finally knocked off our first podcast. Just us two, rambling on about our year past – typically interrupted by Nikki (twice) crashing in to the room she has every right to crash in to, and so my reaction was probably misplaced and then another interruption but this time very welcome when Tom happened to FaceTime from the States – not to speak with me but because he wanted to see Tessa. Charming.


A comedy draw…

We’re all down with charity, right? Giving over our money. And if not cash, then our time to help people less fortunate than ourselves? Comedians are in high demand by charities to perform at fundraising events. Some offer to pay for said services but most do not and I usually base my decision on my availability and the worthiness of the cause.


New York, New York…

A poignant week for me just gone with my youngest celebrating his 15th birthday. Blimey and who knew? Nothing particularly revelatory at how Paddy’s life has flashed by – which of course applies to my life also (and yours) and perhaps then time to reflect and take stock on all things in my life.



I am a little late to this and I am conscious that many readers of this blog might not be aware of Clive James, the writer and broadcaster who died very recently – but I am happy anyway to add my tribute and memories of a great man.


We can all get cold…

How many stars are really out there? Impossible to count, of course. Even when referring to showbiz stars and not the infinite celestial variety. Millions of us will take a crack at stardom and in all manner of pursuits; acting, comedy,


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