Maradona or Pele?

People prefer absolutes in life, of course. Binary decisions and outcomes. But life is often more complex than this and becoming ever more so. Who crossed the finishing line first? This is fine when measuring the fastest sprinter on earth but less satisfactory when the finishing line happens to be in an election as we […]


Writing my way out…

How many kids grow up to do for a living what they dreamt of? Not many, I’d say. Certainly not the ones who planned on being astronauts. Like most little boys, I had fleeting aspirations of being a football player and to play for En-ger-land.  I wasn’t a very clever child and yet I quickly […]


My tribute to Des O’Connor

I owe a great deal to Des O’Connor who died last week, as anyone who has read Eclipsed can attest. It might even be that Des had a greater impact on my life and my career than anyone else. He was a rare thing in show-biz. Like the late, great Bob Monkhouse he was happy […]


Home alone, (almost)

With three Holland boys away, our house has never been bigger and I suppose this is a good thing. People often cite space as a life goal. There are other upsides too… like chargers being more available. Less likely to go missing for one reason because it is easier to finger the culprit. This makes […]


Presents of Mind…

It is better to give than to receive! A well known phrase and one that chimes with me. To be able to make someone happy, or to cheer someone up is a wonderful thing to experience. And especially so when giving someone a gift which is unexpected and outside the norm of Christmas, birthday… An […]


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