Book Reviews


Shannon R

” Made me laugh throughout and kept me on my toes”

At first I was skeptical about reading Open Links as I know nothing about golf but the money was going towards a good cause and I’d recently started up a book club society at my university to immerse myself in other genres. And I must say- I’ve never read a book where the protagonist shits themself before the first chapter. Made me laugh throughout and kept me on my toes; while I usually I’m good at predicting plot twists I just couldn’t see where this one was going! I also know nothing about golf and yet not even halfway through the book I had my fingers crossed for Ricky to hit a birdie or even an eagle. 10/10, also works as a great way to avoid uni coursework.

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“Warm, funny, insightful and searingly honest”

I loved this book. It’s warm, funny, insightful and searingly honest. Perfect for fans of Dominic Holland, Tom Holland and anyone who’s a parent. Great read. I’ve now bought A Man’s Life on the back of it.

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Steven Myers

“Football funny!”

If you like football, comedy and great characters, you will think this story is great! It deserves a win and 5 goals!

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Beverley L

“Finished it in 2 days”

Bought Eclipsed and Fruit bowl for daughters 16th birthday, so while she read eclipsed I read Fruit Bowl. This is the first book I have physically read for years as I listen to Audible. Wow, so pleased I did, finished it in 2 days as I couldn’t put it down. I sobbed in places! So moving, drawing out my empathy for the lead character, and how I would feel if it happened to me. I need more Dominic Holland books!
On a personal note Sophie was delighted with the books which we gave her early, and ecstatic you had personalised them for her. She is hoping to go to Tring park to study Drama, so eclipsed is perfect for her.


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Stephanie J

” This is a refreshing, brutally honest and funny tale of Hollywood”

It’s not often a book claims to be unique and actually lives up to the boast, but Eclipsed does. The story is made all the more fascinating by being true – which is sometimes hard to believe it’s so incredible – and ongoing. Whether you know either or both of the main subjects: Dominic and Tom Holland, or not, it really doesn’t matter. This is a refreshing, brutally honest and funny tale of Hollywood ambition, family, hard work, luck, talent, fame, pride and dreams that both come true and don’t. There are moments which are genuinely touching, sitting alongside those which make you laugh out loud, all told at pace and in language which gradually makes you feel you’re listening to someone generous enough to take the time to entertain you – often at their own expense. One of the few books I know I will read again, I loved it, it’s heart-warmingly real and inspiring and whether you are a parent or not, a film fan or not, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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A Lehrer

“A truly wonderful read “

It is so easy to forget to dream and think big at times. The monotony of everyday life can sink in and convince one that this is it, no more upward growth to come. But then sometimes, fate can jump in and mix things up, because, why not? I once told a friend that the reason she had people that loved her is because she put good energy out into the world and the love she experienced was that energy coming back for her. This memory prompted a smile as I finished “Only in America” having just read a marvelous story about someone’s energy coming back to them in the best way.

I really enjoyed how relatable the character of Milly was throughout the story. She has a job that she is excellent at, but does not particularly like. She has parents that love her but want more for her. She is subject to dinner parties, blind dates, and wishful glances from men. And lastly, she has a big dream that she hopes will come true. These hopes are not supported by actions though as Milly is convinced that putting herself out there will not yield any positive results. So the dream taunts her daily, with opportunities and moments that Milly often let slip by. Milly’s musing that self-esteem is not taught in school was refreshing to see because it is so true. We are often taught how to obtain and retain knowledge, but rarely, if ever, taught how to believe in ourselves. Us millennials are often referred to as naïve and greedy when we want to feel good about ourselves and work in a job that we are passionate about. Why must we want so much? Why cannot just be happy with what we have been given? It is true that the mentality of believing in yourself can be taken too far, leading to arrogance or the thought that you have never quite reached your potential so you must keep pushing, but on the other hand a strong dose of newfound self-esteem never hurt anybody.

It was wonderful to see Milly’s character discover her own newfound self-esteem throughout the story as she slowly realizes that she is more than she thinks and that she can go further. Once Milly starts to take chances and stick up for herself, that is when fate knows she is ready for her dream to come true and for all of the good, hardworking energy she had put out in the world to come back to her. But this journey cannot happen easily of course! Mr. Holland did a superb job of writing a story that kept you hooked right until the very end. How would all these characters interact? How could the domino effect of one single mishap really lead to a life changing event? How many times can characters interact without really interacting? And so on.

“Only in America” was a truly wonderful read and I am grateful to Mr. Holland for reminding us that it is alright to dream big and to fight for it. Even if it does not happen right away, or in the way that you have dreamt, it can still happen. Life can have a way of surprising you, sometimes in the best way. Thank you Mr. Holland for another enjoyable journey.


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Moira M

“Another great read from Dominic.”

Another great read from Dominic.  This story remained with me for awhile after finishing it, with an ending I did not see coming at all.  Dominic’s style is refreshing in its honesty and his observations of life. I, Gabriel delivers a message that we can all learn from, with one selfless act that can lead to……………well, you will see.

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“A funny and genuine good read”

I found this book up-lifting. I’d like to think I have the same sense if humour as the author as in parts I laughed loudly on the train. Go read it you may laugh to.

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Alison S

“Absorbing, uplifting, wonderful”

Absorbing, uplifting, wonderful – a real peach of a book (other fruits are available).


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“I loved it. Finished it in a week!”

This is the first Dominic Holland book I’ve read and I loved it. Finished it in a week – which is quick for me as I’m usually a one book a month person. The parallels between Dominic trying (and not really succeeding) in the film world and then his son totally and utterly succeeding in the same world a few years later definetly makes a great story. It probably wouldn’t even be believable if it wasn’t actually true!!!! My favourite parts of the book were the funny and awkward situations Dominic finds himself in. I can definetly see the stand up comic in him – some of the situations really had me giggling along and I could picture him putting them in a comedy routine. It’s also a very honest book, with Dominic able to talk openly about what he sees as his own frailties. My best recommendation is that I went straight from finishing ‘Eclipsed’ to downloading (for free!!) ‘Only In America’. The writing of this is referenced quite a bit in ‘Eclipsed’. The way Dominic talks about the film world really made me want to read his fictionalised version of a hopeful Brit trying to sell a screenplay. I can’t wait to get started on ‘Only in America’.

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Desiree K

“I wanted to try something new”

Usually I read thrillers and fantasy, because I love the action and suspense and it just captivates me. But I wanted to try something new and so I decided to read the books of Dom. Fruit Bowl is the first book I read by him and I love it. I have to say I had to take a break pretty quickly because I shed so many tears that I couldn’t read any further. I didn’t think that a novel could captivate me like this, because I was sure I would miss the action. But whenever I put the book aside, I couldn’t wait to read on. I love the story as it is written and just the whole book. Definitely recommend!


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Emma B

“A wonderful read, with beautiful and natural character development”

A humbling read that really allows you to view life from another world and another perspective. The story allows you to consider your own self and how others may view you, whilst still keeping you in tune with the story and dare I say it, rooting for the main character. It’s not a story like something I have read before. The beginning made me cautious to continue but once I began to understand, it was hard to not want to read on. This book made me feel things I hadn’t expected from a comedic author, but I was pleased all the same.Will definitely hope to read more of Holland’s work, and look forward to future books he may publish.


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Dan R

“A brilliant hard to put down book”

A brilliant hard to put down book. All for a great cause as well. The main character in the book gives us all hope with our golf!…and the back stories of the other characters keeps you wanting more and more.

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Roger M

“Golfers will love this book”

After a fairly gross start, Dominic ambushes your emotions and then jangles them mercilessly to take you on a ride full of hope, exhilaration, twists and joyful resolution.Golfers will love this book, and then anyone else with a soul! Buy it….

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“A great read”

A very readable insight into the film industry as comedian and writer Dominic Holland charts the luck and hard work of his son Tom as he moves from toddler dancer to the West End stage in the title role of Billy Elliot, then just as he is set to return to ‘normal’ life back at school, he is cast in his early teens in the true story The Impossible – how a family survived the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand.

Dominic reflects on the fact that his stand up comedy career has plateaued and his attempts at successfully submitting his own scripts to Hollywood are eclipsed by son Tom’s casting as the new Spider-Man.

An honest, funny and insightful story by a proud father.

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Beth D

“Money well spent, I loved the book”

Dom, it was a honour reading your book. I purchased this book it was simply because I missed being in the classroom, reading. I didn’t realise I would miss that feeling so much over the lockdown period. So I chose this book because it just so happened that your son, Tom, was promoting it on Instagram so I thought I would give it a go, mainly because he said it would make me both laugh and cry and I needed to feel something other than stress. Money well spent, I loved the book! Beth was a great name choice by the way. I felt all the feels. Over never cried reading a book before (and I’ve read The Fault In Our Stars). It was my first time reading a book of yours and I am glad to say that I would happily read all your books. Thanks for making my summer in lockdown a whole lot better.


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“A testament to his talent of storytelling”

Having purchased this book from following Dominic’s blog, I absolutely love it! His perspective as a father is heartfelt, contributing to how personal and refreshingly honest Eclipsed is.

Reading about the work he has done over the years is fascinating – his resilience and enthusiasm for it is something to be admired. As someone who managed to stumble across Billy Elliot and The Impossible on TV, hearing the behind the scenes has also been a joy to read.

Written with great humour, honesty and immense pride for his family, this is a wonderful book and a testament to his talent of storytelling. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future and continuing to follow his blog.

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Claire C

“Absolutely loved it”

I purchased Open Links after hearing about it through The Brothers Trust and knowing it was for a great cause… and I’m so glad I did! Absolutely loved it. The characters in this book all come alive off the page. You find yourself genuinely caring about them, and then you can’t stop reading because you need to know what happens next! It made me laugh out loud but also well up with tears, as it’s got such an emotional heart. Don’t be put off thinking it’s all about golf (the little amount I know is just from playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the PS3!) – the sport and setting simply act as a perfect backdrop for a beautiful story that everyone will enjoy… golf fan or not.

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“Funny, honest and very well written”

Funny, honest and very well written are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Eclipsed. It definetly is a heartwarming account of career paths crossed between Father and Son. It is written from the heart ( a little tongue in cheek too) but is written by a Dad who is immensely proud of his son who cannot seem to put a foot wrong ( literally) and who has grown into a young man who is admired by millions but still has his feet firmly placed on the ground due to his dad having his back every step of the way. Definetly worth reading – I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to my next purchase

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S Robinson

” A riveting read “

A riveting read. The storyline, consisting of many comedic twists, will have the reader laughing through tears of frustration. The characters are likeable and funny, though often you want to beat them for not being able to connect the dots.


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Kat F

“I have recommended this book to every single person I know that can read”

As my only knowledge of golf is in the form of crazy, the title to this book did not catch my eye, it was purely the fact that I knew my £10 would be going to a fantastic cause, The Anthony Nolan Trust. That said, I have recommended this book to every single person I know that can read – luckily that’s quite a few! A short story into a world I have never delved but couldn’t surface from until I turned the last page, Open Links is a must read for every book lover.

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J Millward

“Go read it you may laugh to”

I found this book up-lifting. I’d like to think I have the same sense if humour as the author as in parts I laughed loudly on the train. Go read it you may laugh to.

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Rachel C

” A really, really great book!”

Sometimes, stories with multiple characters, both good and bad, each with different lifestyles, can be a bit confusing and complicated for me to keep up with. However, Open Links (sorry, I can not italicize the title) intertwines all of its characters beautifully, and was really easy to understand. The circumstances of Ricky were really quirky and funny, and written in such a way that it seemed like it was something that could actually happen to an old professional golfer. Speaking of golf, this book has actually created a golf fan out of me, something I once thought impossible. It really is an exciting, difficult, and captivating sport.”Chapter Sixteen” and beyond really sold it for me. It was really touching, and I honestly can’t put into words how it made me feel, so I’ll just say it made me feel elated. It’s great to see someone as ordinary as Ricky touching so many people’s lives, and in turn, some of them affecting his life as well. It makes the reader feel like they can accomplish something just as special, or it did for this reader.The novel even inspired me to find a way to register for stem cells/bone marrow, etc. donation in the US (according to their website, the Anthony Nolan register is exclusive to those living outside of the UK, which I didn’t know). I know that your book inspired so many people to do the same, and/or to make monetary donations. I’ve just started Eclipsed (yet again, it should be italicized), and the rest of your books are on my list.
Thank you so much for writing!

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Samantha Jane Goodwin

“A heartwarming and hilarious read”

Eclipsed tells the fascinating true story of how UK comedian Dominic Holland found himself being upstaged by his eldest son, Tom Holland – probably best known for playing the web-slinging Marvel superhero Spider-Man.
I stumbled across this book by chance and absolutely loved it. Essentially two stories in one, the tale veers between Dominic’s career on the comedy circuit and young Tom’s first forays into the showbiz world of stage and film.
As a musical lover, I was really interested to discover more about what it takes to be cast in the title role of the West End musical, Billy Elliot, and was equally gripped by the behind-the-scenes account of the Oscar-winning film, The Impossible. Witty and painfully honest, Eclipsed is both intriguing and really funny. A great read.

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“Have you ever said to yourself, only one more episode, well I said only one chapter more!”

Have you ever said to yourself, only one more episode, well I said only one chapter more! This book was so heart warming and it was a book I needed in my life, it was really really hard to put it down. After finishing each chapter I was exited to see what would happen next! This book was a roller coaster of emotions and excitement. I am so happy that I get to read this amazing book and also contribute to a beautiful charity (Anthony nolan) , if anyone is wondering about buying this book, don’t think twice!

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Claire C

“This book is crying out to be a movie!”

This book is crying out to be a movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Great characters and plot twists that all come together for a really fun, uplifting story. I highly recommend giving it a read!

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Luca B

“His eyebrow must have looked like an epileptic caterpillar.”

His eyebrow must have looked like an epileptic caterpillar. Now, you are curious.  Then, you will read the book. And, you’re going to love it. I promise.

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Kelvin F

“This was a hard to put down book..”

This was a hard to put down book, and there’s not many that do that for me. It was probably always going to be an obvious ending for this feel good novel but the story telling was excellent on the way there. The only criticism was the last couple of paragraphs seemed to round up the story in too much of a rush; could have been a little more flamboyant I think. But highly recommended by me.

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Alisha J

” Loved reading this!”

Loved reading this! Lots of laughs and full of love and respect for his family.

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Sara G

“The narrative is beautifully paced and draws you in very quickly”

I really enjoyed reading this book – although the opening few chapters put you through an emotional wringer!  The narrative is beautifully paced and draws you in very quickly.  You really start to root for the characters and end up wanting to give most of them the longest hug!   My one piece of feedback – and this applies to Open Links too (which I also loved) – is that the ending seems a bit rushed and all tied up very quickly. The beautiful pace disappears in a seeming hurry to get everything wrapped up.   I’d happily read extra chapters that go into a bit more depth and detail of how the story is resolved. I prefer The Fruit Bowl and Open Links to I, Gabriel  – but that is obviously just personal choice. Keep writing Dom – but please slower endings!


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Audrey L

“This story was beyond moving”

With the craziness of today’s world it is always wonderful to get lost in a good book. Thankfully, “The Fruit Bowl”, was up to the task.

As usual Mr. Holland, your ability to weave so many stories and characters together into a seamless exchange is impressive and a joy to read through. This book was fantastic and something that I think the world really needs right now. So many lives have been drastically changed and torn apart by this pandemic that I think this story will serve as an excellent symbol of hope for many.

This story was beyond moving and I think a very accurate representation of the journey of grief. I believe often that people put too much emphasis on when grief will end and when a person might become “normal” again after dealing with grief. I love that you approached the topic in this book of grief being gut-wrenching and that a person might never become truly “normal” again. It was excellent though that paired alongside this harsh reality of grief, there was the hope throughout the story that things could indeed improve and get better for someone, even if it does not make sense initially. I also appreciated that you really had Tom’s character in charge of his own path to healing and that he really went with his gut to know what was right. I think people that are either currently experiencing extreme grief or have experienced it in the past will receive comfort and hope from this story of recovery and healing. I personally have experienced several losses in my life that were quite traumatic and I know I will return to this book as a form of healing whenever the grief becomes too overwhelming to handle.

So thank you Mr. Holland for writing this beautiful, tragic, emotional, and victorious story. It was truly an honour to read. Also once again with the main character being named Tom and that Paddy Porter had four sons with his youngest being named Paddy, it is wonderful to see you bring your family into your stories and into you art. Thank you again for another wonderful story.

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Laura K

“I was invested in the story and characters from the first chapter.”

Loved it! I was invested in the story and characters from the first chapter. The story is beautifully written. It has it all: love, heartache, hope, laughter, growth and intrigue. Definitely a page turner and highly recommended!


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Brian Jeynes


Without any doubt it’s the funniest book I’ve read for many, many years. Bought it a long time ago and since have read it twice on my Kindle! You read these so called critics wax lyrical about “laugh out loud”, this book really made me laugh out loud to such effect that people to the sides of me asked” what ARE you reading. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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D Shakespeare

“Dominic has maintained his honest, witty style of writing”

Having received my copy of Takes on Life Vol.1 this morning I literally immediately began reading it. Delighted to find that Dominic has maintained his  honest,witty style of writing,especially about the everyday stuff that pervades his life,and stuff that occasionally occurs through the realm of having a very famous eldest offspring.  My tendency with books I enjoy is to just keep reading, on through to the end,and this was no exception. I found myself simply unable to put the book down until finished,such were the amusing tales and anecdotes within. I will inevitably revisit the book in due course,and reread it,at perhaps a more leisurely pace,no doubt picking up bits I will have missed in the first read.  I can thoroughly, and genuinely, say that I have enjoyed all of Dominic’s books,along with his weekly blog too. A great source of  entertaining literature, as well as a delightful insight into all things Holland. Marvellous work Dom,bring on Volume 2!

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Amy G

“Fantastic story”

Fantastic story that starts out with a horrific tragedy and a main character whose heartbreak is oh-so-relatable. This book is a detailed and entertaining tale of one man’s reaction to grief, told with warmth and unexpected humor in spots. Holland is a gifted storyteller, and this is by far my favorite of all his books.

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Sabrina E

“One of the most beautiful books…”

I just finished Open Links and it’s easily one of the most beautiful books, storywise, I’ve read so far. The plot has an interesting sequence and therefore makes the reading even more thrilling. To sum it up; I laughed, I cried and at some points I was very worried and nervous but most importantly, I very much enjoyed this book, even though I’ve never watched or played golf. I might change that. Thank you, Mr Holland, The Brothers Trust and Anthony Nolan.

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Lorraine B

“An emotional rollercoaster”

I launched myself into this book knowing how much it meant to Dom. It didn’t disappoint to say the least. It’s written from a man’s viewpoint but is full of emotion and immense courage in the face of such adversity. You root for the main character Tom and become invested in his story and outcome. I loved the references to the actual fruit bowl and the story behind it.  I wanted to get to the closure of the story but really didn’t want it to end. I enjoyed every page of  this book. What can I say but -Congratulations Dom I absolutely loved it!!


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Audrey L

“A wonderful blend of characters and an intriguing set of events “

You know those books that are just a joy to read? That if you are having a stressful day will inevitably put a smile on your face? Well I must congratulate Mr. Holland on writing one of these books with his story “The Ripple Effect.”

This book featured a wonderful blend of characters and an intriguing set of events that kept you guessing right until the end. It was enjoyable to read a story that had characters that seemed so realistic, that they could really exist in our world. The scheming politician, the jilted ex-girlfriend, the star athlete in need of anger management, and the dreamer who will never stop believing in miracles. With characters like these it is easy to really dive into the story and to even wonder if this situation could really happen somewhere in our crazy world.

Even with all of this realism embedded throughout the book Mr. Holland still successfully transported the reader to another place where a very small action can lead to a very large series of events. This series of events caused catastrophic, tumultuous, and hilarious events to happen between the various characters, which Mr. Holland knitted together seamlessly.

In short terms, “The Ripple Effect” is a wonderful story, a delightful read, and I would recommend it to anyone that loves seeing the little guy make it big. Congratulations to Mr. Holland on another incredible work.

Also, as a side note, the fact that the main character’s son is named Tom is just the sweetest thing. It is always wonderful to see an author bring in his real-life family and inspirations into a story.

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Anne-Louise B

“Spiderman does have a dad, and he writes a good book!”

I was encouraged to purchase Eclipsed having heard Dom Holland talk about the essence of the book at MCM ComicCon. I was aware of his work as a comedian and Tom is a regular topic conversation in a house under the spell of the MCU, so it was an easy sell.

His writing style is light-hearted and self-deprecating, with the underlying theme of his self-perceived ‘failure’ contrasting his firstborn’s rise to stardom. What is obvious both in the book, and from hearing him talk, is his pride not just in Tom, but in all four boys, and the family’s commitment to keeping Tom’s feet firmly on the ground.

An easy, enjoyable read and a must for any fans (or parents of!) our current Spiderman! I now look forward to working my way through his fictional works.

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J Glover

“It was amazing”

What a beautiful story. Sobbed through the first few chapters, and a few towards the end as well. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that remained so much on my mind while attempting to go about my day like a regular, functioning adult. I finished it a couple days ago and still haven’t really found the words to describe how it made me feel. A Man’s Life is thoughtful, witty, and above all else, full of heart. I’m extremely excited to read the rest of Dominic’s work!

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Gabriela N

“Wonderful piece of work”

It reminded me that when bad things happen, and you have the courage to get up, and get on with it, the good comes along…that what ever you give from the heart, will return to you in warmth and love!


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P Buttke

“The first thing I thought was when is the sequel!”

I, Gabriel was the second book I read by Dominic Holland. The first being Open Links which I loved because I felt like I was a spectator at the golf tournament. When I started the book I found it really hard to like Gabriel, but as I continued the story I began to change my views of him flaws and all. Watching Gabriel change as events he was faced with made him grow as a person! The surprise at the end was not expected but worth it! The first thing I thought was when is the sequel! I thoroughly enjoy Dominic Holland’s style of writing. I have since read A Man’s Life, Eclisped and Only in America! They are all must reads!!


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Ingrid A


Fantastic read, highly recommend it to anyone.

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Louisa S

“I absolutely loved it”

This book was the first book by Dominic Holland that I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. This was also the first book I’ve read in years and I finished it in three days. It is absolutely a heart-warming, fascinating and inspiring story that will give you a grate laugh. This book left me inspired and I definitely recommend it.

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“It is all down to the characters from the get go – through the UPS and DOWNS”

The idea itself is not that unusual – rich guy has everything, then there’s a crisis, and lastly an attempted resolution. But this book does much more than that by the way that the reader is engaged, and identifies, with the main character’s ups and, more especially, downs. I do not often well-up at books but this one made me feel so sad in some passages that it was the only correct reaction. I was so used to Dominic Hollands’ with that I did not realise that his writing could also expose the opposite emotions so starkly. Bravo. The only downside in reading the book was the often annoying spelling errors and missed words that I forgave for the sake of the storyline. If this had happened on another book I would have stopped reading it all together. Nevertheless please get a hold of this book though as you too will enjoy it.

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Becky M

” This book was an absolute delight”

This book was an absolute delight and Dom just gets better and better. After reading Eclipsed and Open Links, I had high hopes and was not disappointed! Dom has an incredible talent for masterfully blending tragedy and comedy and creating characters you genuinely root for. Another amazing addition to my collection of books by Mr Holland!


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“I absolutely loved the book”

I absolutely loved the book and was very enjoyable ! I also very much appreciated the personalised message inside.

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Rachel L

“Gripping tale”

Despite my workload I made sure to leave every night clear so I can read this book. Its’ gripping tale kept me up way past when I planned to put it down! It’s sad, happy, and everything in between, the ending leaves you satisfied enough as well. I say “enough” because I’m always the person who asks the author for a sequel. Anyways, I’m excited to recommend this to the next person I see!


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Mrs. F Allpress

“Kept me guessing”

I really enjoyed this and chuckled all the way through . Loved how Dom writes about everyday life observances and how he has skillfully navigated many taboo subjects.
I sped through it in a few days as I was so curious to see what would happen at the end and believe me I didn’t see that ending coming .
Can thoroughly recommend also Only in America and Eclipsed – planning to read the Ripple Effect and Open Links as I really like his style of writing

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Jenessa W

“I’m not a golf person but I’m certainly a fan of Ricky Randal in Open Links”

Now I’m not a golf person but I’m certainly a fan of Ricky Randal in Open Links. I honestly got so nervous at the end, hoping that he’d end on a good note. I found it interesting that there were so many different characters who seemed to have nothing in common but end up having major impacts on each other’s lives. Also I’m not entirely sure why but I found the part of “the driver of an empty golf buggy, who had some explaining to do” very amusing, I literally laughed out loud while reading. I would definitely recommend reading this book and I will be reading more books by Dominic Holland!

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Krista L

“Poignant story”

A brilliant and poignant story of unimaginable loss and perseverance of the human spirit that you will not be able to put down. It pulls on every heart string and will have you crying with Tom and laughing with Paddy. Truly a page-turner and a story that will stay with you for a long time to come.


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Mike T

“Perfect holiday reading”

Hi bought this wonderful novel to read whilst on holiday – I’m due to go away in a week’s time. I thought I’d have a quick read of the intro, and ended up finishing the whole book the next day! I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a story that really captures today’s society, our zeitgeist. It’s a funny time where people on both “sides” are seemingly trying to do what they think is right, but that seems to be diametrically opposed to the other side. This book shows that in reality there is no “other side”. It’s full of pathos, and humour as you’d expect from a leading comedian, and is a true picture of our lives today. It really hits the spot and moves at a good pace – I never found myself thinking about something else, which is really unusual for me. Basically, it’s a bloody good read and great entertainment from an author who really knows his craft. Highly recommended!

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Melanie L

” It reads like a charm, Mr. Holland is a great storyteller”

I’ve put off this review long enough now. Today is the day. Last August, I was introduced to a new author. And the irony is that…if it wasn’t for his “famous son” I probably never would have heard of Dominic Holland. So, many thanks TH. Back to the review…A sunny August afternoon, Eclipsed in hand…here we go…First off, it reads like a charm, Mr. Holland’s is a great storyteller and you get immersed in the book so quickly that you can’t put it down. (that goes for all of his books actually) From laughter to tears at time, from deep reflexions to spontaneous giggles this real life story has it all and then some. It’s honest and pure. A window (that so “cliche” I know) into a surreal humain story filled with life lessons…The best one being..and I quote.. “Because life is a series of struggles and our success is a factor of how we cope with them…” I tell you, take the time, read this book…and the others also.

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Celia G


I couldn’t put the book down. Amazing novel that has a bit of everything. I cried, laughed and was left wanting more. Excellent work!!!


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Yasmin J

“This was incredible”

One of the best books I ever read! I can’t remember ever crying or laughing as hard as I did whilst reading the fruit bowl. A story that everyone can relate to on some level, and just the simple reflection on the good in every person. I loved it and I can’t wait for your next book


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Elisa P

“Once you are reading, you can’t seem to stop. “

The Story begins slowly with an unlikeable character, but once you are reading, you can’t seem to stop.
Gabriel is changing as the story goes and so does my opinion of him. I feel really attached to this book as I can see my friend in Gabriel’s story. Something happened in his life and just as I was reading that chapter where he decides to write a book, my friend thinks about the same thing, a strange coincidence but this book now has a special place in my heart.
This book will definitely go on to my favorites-shelf!

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Grace H

“Such a wonderful read!”

Early on my imagination took flight and brought with it every emotion on the spectrum from sorrow to joy! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and I was left wishing the lives of the characters would continue on and more chapters would appear as I was finishing the book. I could hardly put it down I was so invested! I had a lovely time reading The Fruit Bowl and think others would enjoy it as well!


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“The story got me hooked from page one”

Not beeing that familiar with the noble game of golf and reading in a foreign language (I`m norwegian) I feared I`d have a hard time reading “Open Links” Not the case at all – the story got me hooked from page one and I ended up finishing it in less than 24 hours. It`s a wonderful story, beautifully told in a language which paints you pictures as you follow Ricky around the golf course. It`s almost made me want to try golf! A wonderful and warm book, really glad I got to read this.

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Janey L

“The writing was beautiful and you, as the reader, feel the emotions of the characters!”

The writing was beautiful and you, as the reader, feel the emotions of the characters! One of the few books to make me cry multiple times! LOVED IT and Dom is definitely one of my favourite writers!


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Irina B

“I’ve not been able to put it down”

It will make you laugh, cry,  plead for me and want simultaneously the best/ worst for the main characters .
I’ve not been able to put it down and always make through a few chapters at a time

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Athena G

” Absolutely loved the book”

A wonderful  story of a man going through a tragedy and grief and then finding a purpose to live again. So many interesting characters, so many different emotions, so real and genuine…. and beautifully written. Thanks Mr Holland for writing this beautiful, moving and emotional story. Enjoyed every minute of reading it.


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Chris Barnett

“A hilarious story with tremendous characters, definitely worthy of 5 stars!”

This was a great read and I highly recommend it. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much but I can honestly say I found it very entertaining, interesting, informative and extremely funny. Look out for the scene in the hotel bedroom, this was probably the funniest chapter I have ever read and I genuinely had tears in my eyes trying to get through it. If you enjoy reading books by authors such as David Nicholls, Nick Hornby or Mark Watson then you should definitely add Dominic Holland to your list.

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R White

“Funny, sad and full of surprises”

A wonderfully well written book. Warm and relatable characters carry you through what appears at first to be a painfully sad tale. Another great read from this author.

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Ana C

“It made me laugh and cry”

I decided to buy the fruit bowl as my first English book/novel and I can say with certainty that it was amazing and that I don’t regret the choice! It made me laugh and cry and for me it’s very hard to cry over anything! So proud of this book and I can’t wait to read the next!


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Celia G

“Read it in four days!!!”

Loved it!! I think it was written with lots of  love and honesty from the perspective of a very proud dad!!!

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Leigh T

“It was a great read, I couldn’t put it down.”

Bought the digital copy and loved the book so much I ended up buying the paperback version as well.  I can’t relate in any way to the success of Dom’s offspring but can truly relate to Dom’s  successes and disappointments in life.  There is a kinship in knowing we all struggle in our endeavours, I think we have all been eclipsed at least once, if not many times in our lives.  I thoroughly enjoyed discovering his son’s journey to the top, it felt like he was destined to best his father but then who better to be eclipsed by then your own son?  You could say Dom’s greatest success IS being eclipsed by his son.  It was a great read, I couldn’t put it down.

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Paul O

“The book completely satisfies the reader”

I just completed my third Dominic Holland book – in record time too. Following Ricky as he travels the course, the story pulls the reader in hole by hole. The entire story was so easy to visualize (you hear that Hollywood!). Starting at the 1st tee and ending on the 18th green, the story is entertaining and emotional. With proceeds going to the Anthony Nolan Trust (, the book completely satisfies the reader while helping to save the lives of people with blood cancer. WIN WIN

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“I really enjoyed Open Links by the same author so purchased this …”

I really enjoyed Open Links by the same author so purchased this one (actually it’s free!). It might be a preposterous plot with zillion to one coincidences but so what? It was a joy to read; one of those books that make you laugh out load and shed quiet tears. It’s not high art but it’s a cracking tale that rattles along at a great pace. I loved it.

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Kirsty H

“A Chance Worth Taking”

I loved this book. I finished it in one sitting and it, along with Holland’s other books, were miracles after my months long reading block. I’ve loved all of Holland’s books which I also finished in one sitting and this, like his others, is easy to become emersed in. The character of Gabriel was alive to me in a way I struggle to find in even best selling books, and the stark honesty shown in this character is welcomly refreshing.

It was something new, and the type of book I don’t normally find myself picking up, but after Holland’s track record – with Open Links being one of my favourite books – I decided to take a chance.

I definitely don’t regret this decision.

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Rob Newcombe

“A great little read”

Wonderful easy read and one I will be handing out to a few of my footballing mates this Christmas. Nice pace, funny, with plenty of twists and turns. Well recommended.

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“I genuinely liked Dominic’s writing style as it kept the pace moving along.”

Nice set ups, even though some are predictable, and overall a lovely read. The characters are only sketched but that’s all they need to be for the best comic effect. Any attempt at depth would have ruined the timing. This is fun, not literary genius. I genuinely liked Dominic’s writing style as it kept the pace moving along. I do have to admit that I ordered a free Kindle copy but I think it would have been worth the purchase price and is a fine opener for reading some more of Mr Holland’s comic writing.

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Chris Seaward

“Brilliantly written, well paced, full of subtle reflections on life and many laugh out loud moments”

A truly wonderful book about the trials and tribulations of a man standing at the top of the comedy roller-coaster and his subsequent ride down to the revolving tea cup and saucers, as he strives to rise again. Great story, peppered with genuinely funny and well paced anecdotes, I grinned throughout and laughed out loud many times.

Beautifully interlaced with stories supporting the family he clearly loves, as his eldest son, Tom Holland, grows to become one of today’s hottest Hollywood stars. What sets this book apart from most ‘stand up’ penned books is that Dominic Holland is an excellent writer. Full of interesting insights in to life, the life of a comedian and the craziness of the movie industry, i read the book in one marathon session.

This is a really heart warming easy to read tale of a family experiencing what it is really like to hope, endeavour, work incredibly hard and ultimately succeed in the movies.

And I just love his Optimism ! He is knocked back again and again but he just keeps on keeping on. I guess as a Perrier Comedy Award winner he knows he has it in him to be a major success. In fact I’m sure Dominic Holland truly believes in his heart that Eclipse Two will be written by Tom Holland in a few years time when his Dad wins a Best Screenplay Oscar… I wouldn’t put it past him.

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E Dayman

“A wonderful story and a pleasure to read”

Being a university student, I don’t have a lot of spare time to read books that are not part of my course. However, after reading the first chapter of I,Gabriel I could not put it down. The story is not only captivating but extremely realistic and well written. The words flow seamlessly which makes it really easy to read. This is the first of Dominic’s books that I have read and it certainly will not be the last.


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Casey O'D

“I couldn’t put the book down”

I couldn’t put the book down, it’s beautifully written and let’s you experience the range of emotions the protagonist must face while he recovers from tragedy. It’s tragic but perfect in every way, it had me crying at the start and also the end. It had me laughing in between the grief, the blending of comedy with the tragedy and grief is just astounding. All in all it’s a beautiful, moving and emotional story filled with interesting characters and a grief we’ll all face at some points in our lives, the raw exposure of emotion made me enjoy every minute of reading. Definitely one of the best books I have read in my entire life. A word of advice do not read in public unless your comfortable with people seeing you cry, I learned the hard way.
Can’t wait to read the rest of Dominic Hollands work.


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John P

“Simply is a must read”

Dominic Holland should be top of the leaderboard with this golfing fairytale. With all proceeds going to the Anthony Nolan Trust and a heart-warming story to enjoy, it simply is a must read.

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Casey O'D

” Keeps you captivated to the point its hard to put down.”

Honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read, keeps you captivated to the point its hard to put down. I could have read it all in one sitting, but decided to spread it out to give me time to think and process what had happened so far. It’s full of emotion and a sense of reality which captures today society perfectly, which brings the book to life even more. Skillfully navigated many taboo subjects. It’s a thought provoking book which is beautifully written and the way it ends is amazing and something I didn’t see coming or expect.


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S Jarman

“I,Gabriel is a morality tale for our times”

I,Gabriel is a morality tale for our times. Vividly capturing the sometimes dark heart of London – and of all collections of humanity – it also shines a spotlight on how events and actions, both life-changing and seemingly insignificant, can change lives for ever. Sometimes shocking, sometimes profoundly moving the story pulls you along at a ferocious pace and I did not see the ending coming, even though I smugly assumed more than once I had it sussed! If you want to read something which is not only entertaining but also challenges how you see what is in front of your eyes every day, this book is for you.


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“Amazing book”

I was told to enjoy Ricky’s round… and I did! Open Links is one of the few books that I have read so far and it is an amazing book.

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Audrey L

“Surprise quickly gave way to curiosity”

Having read “Open Links” and “Eclipsed” I was quite surprised when I entered the world of “I, Gabriel.” Surprise quickly gave way to curiosity as I explored the brazen and complex world of Gabriel Webber’s brain. The book’s introduction pulled me in right away and I wondered how Mr. Holland was going to develop this character, a character which honestly, I would have not enjoyed conversing with if I had met him in person. Unsure how this character could experience any drastic change, I continued with the story. After finishing the book, I am pleased to report that I felt Gabriel’s character matured in a dramatic yet realistic way. Mr. Holland brilliantly highlighted how one moment can really change your life, and I loved how he did not scratch the surface of this idea but created a situation when the reader had to truly consider which moment this was for Gabriel. It made me as a reader feel as if I was part of the mystery of Gabriel’s journey and made the conclusion of the book all the more satisfying.

I also enjoyed how Gabriel’s development included questioning what was really important in the world and most importantly, his world. Gabriel’s observation of his world happens in conjunction with other characters making their own observations on how their own worlds operated. Seeing these observations play out, affect one another, and enact change in the character’s life was another way that I felt entwined in Gabriel’s story. Gabriel’s evolution was influenced by these other character’s worlds and priorities, and as these characters slowly reveal their full worlds and their true colors, the projection of Gabriel’s character made more and more sense. With these outside influences affecting Gabriel and at times encouraging or forcing him to change, Mr. Holland cleverly brings in the notion that community is an immensely powerful thing. Furthermore, that a person’s role or perception within this community can be an equally powerful thing. In a society filled with social media, online newspapers, tabloids, and more, the perception or image of a person can at times be overdramatized. I think this story is an excellent example of purposeful manipulation of an image and how quickly these manipulations can spin out of control. It is however, also a strong example of one event can lead to one action that catalyzes a series of changes that really change a person and their life. And once again, Mr. Holland brings his readers into the mystery by making this event hard to decipher and one of the prominent kernels of this story.

I congratulate Mr. Holland on once again delivering a story that fully delves into its characters, its plot, and its message. And as someone who has OCD which a focus on “hygiene neurosis” as Gabriel Webber experiences, I highly appreciated the glimpses of hardships that Gabriel can experience with this condition and part of his evolution included some healing in this area. It gave me hope that one day, I too, might start to get better. In conclusion, thank you Mr. Holland for another wonderful read and please do a podcast or live interview on your influences for this book! It is so different from your other works that I have seen so far, I, along with other readers I am sure, would be fascinated to learn what led you down the road to this specific work. Looking forward to my next read and thank you!

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“First time I read a Dominic Holland story, and I have to say that I’m still amazed!”

Not being able to donate blood, my only way to help people is economically, so it was with the mere interest into donate to the Anthony Nolan foundationand that I bought “Open Links” – and had no idea about what to expect from the book.
First time I read a Dominic Holland story, and I have to say that I’m still amazed! The ability of letting the reader enter into the story and into the characters as well, is not granted when reading a book, but Dominic managed to do it in a wonderful way. Even with few words he is able to introduce a well-rounded character; with a funny shade always waiting around the corner. I had no knowledge at all about golf and English is not my first language, still I perfectly enjoyed the whole book.
Dominic made an Ace this time, one shot – one book – and won over my mind, my heart, and even my soul. His fan-base has officially a new member.

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Isabella B

“In a word, beautiful”

Never before has an author made me feel what Dominic Holland has made me feel.  This type of fiction is not something I would normally find myself reading, but I am glad I took a chance on it, for it has truly changed my life. Mr. Holland has a gift for making the reader feel just as vulnerable as the characters he describes. I am not one to reread books, but I believe I may be making an exception for this one. A modern masterpiece.


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R Willoughby

“Very clever how it all connects and follows on in sweet succession. “

This is the first adult book I ever read and it was a pretty good intro. It goes from one persons life to the next showing the small little effects that one action can have on another and then another. Very clever how it all connects and follows on in sweet succession.

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Rachel L

“I was captivated by the story”

I was captivated by the story from the moment I picked it up! A fantasy novel that let’s you get lost in Milly’s world and feel her ups and downs from start to finish. A nail biter at times, but I’m glad she got the ending she deserved! I wish for a sequel to keep her story going

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