The Fruit Bowl

Sometimes things just happen. Little things that appear incidental but go on to have life changing consequences; good and bad.

The Fruit Bowl draws on this theme.

Break-time at St. Edmunds School in the 1970’s; two boys lives are about to be changed forever. Tom Harper is a twelve year old being picked on by a bully. An everyday scenario played out at every break-time. Paddy Porter is an older boy and sensing the mismatch, he intervenes and settles the dispute. Just a compulsion to act and in doing so, Tom and Paddy’s futures become fused. An innocuous incident between two strangers but one that will reconnect them some thirty years later and set in motion a chain of events that completes and saves each of their lives.


The Fruit Bowl is also available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback


Eclipsed – How Tom Holland Eclipsed His “Celebrity” Dad

★★★★★ 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

Eclipsed can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Tom Holland is constantly being requested for interviews by the world’s press and invariably he is asked, how does a kid get to become Spider-Man? All such interviews are now redundant. Eclipsed is 100,000 words with over 60 photographs in black and white and full colour and is all anyone needs to know about the extraordinary story of how a kid got spotted and managed to get through all of the tiny hoops leading to Hollywood.


Eclipsed is also available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback



★★★★★ 5 out of 5 on Amazon

I.Gabriel can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Gabriel Webber is a man of contradictions; a man with everything and nothing. A soaring success and an abject failure. Blessed with a brilliant mind yet incapable of understanding the most simple equation of all; to create contentment and happiness.

Lost to the progressive world. His views are anachronistic, he feels marginalised and is lost. His prejudices tormenting and confounding him until a most beautiful and unlikely epiphany. A chance encounter which literally saves his life but one he must strive to understand if he is to save his soul.


Eclipsed is also available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback


Book Reviews

John P

“Simply is a must read”

Dominic Holland should be top of the leaderboard with this golfing fairytale. With all proceeds going to the Anthony Nolan Trust and a heart-warming story to enjoy, it simply is a must read.

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Laura K

“I was invested in the story and characters from the first chapter.”

Loved it! I was invested in the story and characters from the first chapter. The story is beautifully written. It has it all: love, heartache, hope, laughter, growth and intrigue. Definitely a page turner and highly recommended!


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Stephanie J

” This is a refreshing, brutally honest and funny tale of Hollywood”

It’s not often a book claims to be unique and actually lives up to the boast, but Eclipsed does. The story is made all the more fascinating by being true – which is sometimes hard to believe it’s so incredible – and ongoing. Whether you know either or both of the main subjects: Dominic and Tom Holland, or not, it really doesn’t matter. This is a refreshing, brutally honest and funny tale of Hollywood ambition, family, hard work, luck, talent, fame, pride and dreams that both come true and don’t. There are moments which are genuinely touching, sitting alongside those which make you laugh out loud, all told at pace and in language which gradually makes you feel you’re listening to someone generous enough to take the time to entertain you – often at their own expense. One of the few books I know I will read again, I loved it, it’s heart-warmingly real and inspiring and whether you are a parent or not, a film fan or not, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Audrey L

“A wonderful blend of characters and an intriguing set of events “

You know those books that are just a joy to read? That if you are having a stressful day will inevitably put a smile on your face? Well I must congratulate Mr. Holland on writing one of these books with his story “The Ripple Effect.”

This book featured a wonderful blend of characters and an intriguing set of events that kept you guessing right until the end. It was enjoyable to read a story that had characters that seemed so realistic, that they could really exist in our world. The scheming politician, the jilted ex-girlfriend, the star athlete in need of anger management, and the dreamer who will never stop believing in miracles. With characters like these it is easy to really dive into the story and to even wonder if this situation could really happen somewhere in our crazy world.

Even with all of this realism embedded throughout the book Mr. Holland still successfully transported the reader to another place where a very small action can lead to a very large series of events. This series of events caused catastrophic, tumultuous, and hilarious events to happen between the various characters, which Mr. Holland knitted together seamlessly.

In short terms, “The Ripple Effect” is a wonderful story, a delightful read, and I would recommend it to anyone that loves seeing the little guy make it big. Congratulations to Mr. Holland on another incredible work.

Also, as a side note, the fact that the main character’s son is named Tom is just the sweetest thing. It is always wonderful to see an author bring in his real-life family and inspirations into a story.

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Luca B

“His eyebrow must have looked like an epileptic caterpillar.”

His eyebrow must have looked like an epileptic caterpillar. Now, you are curious.  Then, you will read the book. And, you’re going to love it. I promise.

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Mike T

“Perfect holiday reading”

Hi bought this wonderful novel to read whilst on holiday – I’m due to go away in a week’s time. I thought I’d have a quick read of the intro, and ended up finishing the whole book the next day! I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a story that really captures today’s society, our zeitgeist. It’s a funny time where people on both “sides” are seemingly trying to do what they think is right, but that seems to be diametrically opposed to the other side. This book shows that in reality there is no “other side”. It’s full of pathos, and humour as you’d expect from a leading comedian, and is a true picture of our lives today. It really hits the spot and moves at a good pace – I never found myself thinking about something else, which is really unusual for me. Basically, it’s a bloody good read and great entertainment from an author who really knows his craft. Highly recommended!

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J Glover

“It was amazing”

What a beautiful story. Sobbed through the first few chapters, and a few towards the end as well. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that remained so much on my mind while attempting to go about my day like a regular, functioning adult. I finished it a couple days ago and still haven’t really found the words to describe how it made me feel. A Man’s Life is thoughtful, witty, and above all else, full of heart. I’m extremely excited to read the rest of Dominic’s work!

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Shannon R

” Made me laugh throughout and kept me on my toes”

At first I was skeptical about reading Open Links as I know nothing about golf but the money was going towards a good cause and I’d recently started up a book club society at my university to immerse myself in other genres. And I must say- I’ve never read a book where the protagonist shits themself before the first chapter. Made me laugh throughout and kept me on my toes; while I usually I’m good at predicting plot twists I just couldn’t see where this one was going! I also know nothing about golf and yet not even halfway through the book I had my fingers crossed for Ricky to hit a birdie or even an eagle. 10/10, also works as a great way to avoid uni coursework.

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Chris Seaward

“Brilliantly written, well paced, full of subtle reflections on life and many laugh out loud moments”

A truly wonderful book about the trials and tribulations of a man standing at the top of the comedy roller-coaster and his subsequent ride down to the revolving tea cup and saucers, as he strives to rise again. Great story, peppered with genuinely funny and well paced anecdotes, I grinned throughout and laughed out loud many times.

Beautifully interlaced with stories supporting the family he clearly loves, as his eldest son, Tom Holland, grows to become one of today’s hottest Hollywood stars. What sets this book apart from most ‘stand up’ penned books is that Dominic Holland is an excellent writer. Full of interesting insights in to life, the life of a comedian and the craziness of the movie industry, i read the book in one marathon session.

This is a really heart warming easy to read tale of a family experiencing what it is really like to hope, endeavour, work incredibly hard and ultimately succeed in the movies.

And I just love his Optimism ! He is knocked back again and again but he just keeps on keeping on. I guess as a Perrier Comedy Award winner he knows he has it in him to be a major success. In fact I’m sure Dominic Holland truly believes in his heart that Eclipse Two will be written by Tom Holland in a few years time when his Dad wins a Best Screenplay Oscar… I wouldn’t put it past him.

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“A testament to his talent of storytelling”

Having purchased this book from following Dominic’s blog, I absolutely love it! His perspective as a father is heartfelt, contributing to how personal and refreshingly honest Eclipsed is.

Reading about the work he has done over the years is fascinating – his resilience and enthusiasm for it is something to be admired. As someone who managed to stumble across Billy Elliot and The Impossible on TV, hearing the behind the scenes has also been a joy to read.

Written with great humour, honesty and immense pride for his family, this is a wonderful book and a testament to his talent of storytelling. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future and continuing to follow his blog.

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Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Little things. Tiny things that appear innocuous and incidental at the time but can go on to have life changing consequences. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. A Man's Life is a heart rending novel that draws on this theme.

Die-hard soccer fan Bill is truly despondent. His club is facing bankruptcy. His forthcoming act of protest will have untold consequences. It will ruin careers, destroy friendships and raise questions in Parliament. What might this rebellious act be? You will have to read this hilarious book to find out!

How does a film script by an unknown writer get to be read by a Hollywood studio boss? What happens if he loves it? And what do his people do if they have no idea who wrote it?

You can buy this directly from The Brothers Trust website just click here - remember every penny goes directly to  the Anthony Nolan charity, saving lives of people with blood cancer.