Eclipsed – How Tom Holland Eclipsed His “Celebrity” Dad

★★★★★ 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

Eclipsed can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Tom Holland is constantly being requested for interviews by the world’s press and invariably he is asked, how does a kid get to become Spider-Man? All such interviews are now redundant. Eclipsed is 100,000 words with over 60 photographs in black and white and full colour and is all anyone needs to know about the extraordinary story of how a kid got spotted and managed to get through all of the tiny hoops leading to Hollywood.



★★★★★ 5 out of 5 on Amazon

I.Gabriel can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Gabriel Webber is a man of contradictions; a man with everything and nothing. A soaring success and an abject failure. Blessed with a brilliant mind yet incapable of understanding the most simple equation of all; to create contentment and happiness.

Lost to the progressive world. His views are anachronistic, he feels marginalised and is lost. His prejudices tormenting and confounding him until a most beautiful and unlikely epiphany. A chance encounter which literally saves his life but one he must strive to understand if he is to save his soul.


Book Reviews

Roger M

“Golfers will love this book”

After a fairly gross start, Dominic ambushes your emotions and then jangles them mercilessly to take you on a ride full of hope, exhilaration, twists and joyful resolution.Golfers will love this book, and then anyone else with a soul! Buy it….

John P

“Simply is a must read”

Dominic Holland should be top of the leaderboard with this golfing fairytale. With all proceeds going to the Anthony Nolan Trust and a heart-warming story to enjoy, it simply is a must read.

Leigh T

“It was a great read, I couldn’t put it down.”

Bought the digital copy and loved the book so much I ended up buying the paperback version as well.  I can’t relate in any way to the success of Dom’s offspring but can truly relate to Dom’s  successes and disappointments in life.  There is a kinship in knowing we all struggle in our endeavours, I think we have all been eclipsed at least once, if not many times in our lives.  I thoroughly enjoyed discovering his son’s journey to the top, it felt like he was destined to best his father but then who better to be eclipsed by then your own son?  You could say Dom’s greatest success IS being eclipsed by his son.  It was a great read, I couldn’t put it down.

Amy G

“Fantastic story”

Fantastic story that starts out with a horrific tragedy and a main character whose heartbreak is oh-so-relatable. This book is a detailed and entertaining tale of one man’s reaction to grief, told with warmth and unexpected humor in spots. Holland is a gifted storyteller, and this is by far my favorite of all his books.

Chris Seaward

“Brilliantly written, well paced, full of subtle reflections on life and many laugh out loud moments”

A truly wonderful book about the trials and tribulations of a man standing at the top of the comedy roller-coaster and his subsequent ride down to the revolving tea cup and saucers, as he strives to rise again. Great story, peppered with genuinely funny and well paced anecdotes, I grinned throughout and laughed out loud many times.

Beautifully interlaced with stories supporting the family he clearly loves, as his eldest son, Tom Holland, grows to become one of today’s hottest Hollywood stars. What sets this book apart from most ‘stand up’ penned books is that Dominic Holland is an excellent writer. Full of interesting insights in to life, the life of a comedian and the craziness of the movie industry, i read the book in one marathon session.

This is a really heart warming easy to read tale of a family experiencing what it is really like to hope, endeavour, work incredibly hard and ultimately succeed in the movies.

And I just love his Optimism ! He is knocked back again and again but he just keeps on keeping on. I guess as a Perrier Comedy Award winner he knows he has it in him to be a major success. In fact I’m sure Dominic Holland truly believes in his heart that Eclipse Two will be written by Tom Holland in a few years time when his Dad wins a Best Screenplay Oscar… I wouldn’t put it past him.

Anne-Louise B

“Spiderman does have a dad, and he writes a good book!”

I was encouraged to purchase Eclipsed having heard Dom Holland talk about the essence of the book at MCM ComicCon. I was aware of his work as a comedian and Tom is a regular topic conversation in a house under the spell of the MCU, so it was an easy sell.

His writing style is light-hearted and self-deprecating, with the underlying theme of his self-perceived ‘failure’ contrasting his firstborn’s rise to stardom. What is obvious both in the book, and from hearing him talk, is his pride not just in Tom, but in all four boys, and the family’s commitment to keeping Tom’s feet firmly on the ground.

An easy, enjoyable read and a must for any fans (or parents of!) our current Spiderman! I now look forward to working my way through his fictional works.

Samantha Jane Goodwin

“A heartwarming and hilarious read”

Eclipsed tells the fascinating true story of how UK comedian Dominic Holland found himself being upstaged by his eldest son, Tom Holland – probably best known for playing the web-slinging Marvel superhero Spider-Man.
I stumbled across this book by chance and absolutely loved it. Essentially two stories in one, the tale veers between Dominic’s career on the comedy circuit and young Tom’s first forays into the showbiz world of stage and film.
As a musical lover, I was really interested to discover more about what it takes to be cast in the title role of the West End musical, Billy Elliot, and was equally gripped by the behind-the-scenes account of the Oscar-winning film, The Impossible. Witty and painfully honest, Eclipsed is both intriguing and really funny. A great read.


A testament to his talent of storytelling

Having purchased this book from following Dominic’s blog, I absolutely love it! His perspective as a father is heartfelt, contributing to how personal and refreshingly honest Eclipsed is.

Reading about the work he has done over the years is fascinating – his resilience and enthusiasm for it is something to be admired. As someone who managed to stumble across Billy Elliot and The Impossible on TV, hearing the behind the scenes has also been a joy to read.

Written with great humour, honesty and immense pride for his family, this is a wonderful book and a testament to his talent of storytelling. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future and continuing to follow his blog.


A great read

A very readable insight into the film industry as comedian and writer Dominic Holland charts the luck and hard work of his son Tom as he moves from toddler dancer to the West End stage in the title role of Billy Elliot, then just as he is set to return to ‘normal’ life back at school, he is cast in his early teens in the true story The Impossible – how a family survived the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand.

Dominic reflects on the fact that his stand up comedy career has plateaued and his attempts at successfully submitting his own scripts to Hollywood are eclipsed by son Tom’s casting as the new Spider-Man.

An honest, funny and insightful story by a proud father.

Moira M

“Another great read from Dominic.”

Another great read from Dominic.  This story remained with me for awhile after finishing it, with an ending I did not see coming at all.  Dominic’s style is refreshing in its honesty and his observations of life. I, Gabriel delivers a message that we can all learn from, with one selfless act that can lead to……………well, you will see.



Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Little things. Tiny things that appear innocuous and incidental at the time but can go on to have life changing consequences. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. A Man's Life is a heart rending novel that draws on this theme.

Die-hard soccer fan Bill is truly despondent. His club is facing bankruptcy. His forthcoming act of protest will have untold consequences. It will ruin careers, destroy friendships and raise questions in Parliament. What might this rebellious act be? You will have to read this hilarious book to find out!

How does a film script by an unknown writer get to be read by a Hollywood studio boss? What happens if he loves it? And what do his people do if they have no idea who wrote it?

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