Eclipsed – How Tom Holland Eclipsed His “Celebrity” Dad

★★★★★ 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

Eclipsed can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Tom Holland is constantly being requested for interviews by the world’s press and invariably he is asked, how does a kid get to become Spider-Man? All such interviews are now redundant. Eclipsed is 100,000 words with over 60 photographs in black and white and full colour and is all anyone needs to know about the extraordinary story of how a kid got spotted and managed to get through all of the tiny hoops leading to Hollywood.



★★★★★ 5 out of 5 on Amazon

I.Gabriel can be bought as a hard copy through this website, as an e-book and via amazon print-on-demand.

Gabriel Webber is a man of contradictions; a man with everything and nothing. A soaring success and an abject failure. Blessed with a brilliant mind yet incapable of understanding the most simple equation of all; to create contentment and happiness.

Lost to the progressive world. His views are anachronistic, he feels marginalised and is lost. His prejudices tormenting and confounding him until a most beautiful and unlikely epiphany. A chance encounter which literally saves his life but one he must strive to understand if he is to save his soul.


Book Reviews


“I absolutely loved the book”

I absolutely loved the book and was very enjoyable ! I also very much appreciated the personalised message inside.

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Rob Newcombe

“A great little read”

Wonderful easy read and one I will be handing out to a few of my footballing mates this Christmas. Nice pace, funny, with plenty of twists and turns. Well recommended.

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Moira M

“Another great read from Dominic.”

Another great read from Dominic.  This story remained with me for awhile after finishing it, with an ending I did not see coming at all.  Dominic’s style is refreshing in its honesty and his observations of life. I, Gabriel delivers a message that we can all learn from, with one selfless act that can lead to……………well, you will see.

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Dan R

“A brilliant hard to put down book”

A brilliant hard to put down book. All for a great cause as well. The main character in the book gives us all hope with our golf!…and the back stories of the other characters keeps you wanting more and more.

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Mike T

“Perfect holiday reading”

Hi bought this wonderful novel to read whilst on holiday – I’m due to go away in a week’s time. I thought I’d have a quick read of the intro, and ended up finishing the whole book the next day! I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a story that really captures today’s society, our zeitgeist. It’s a funny time where people on both “sides” are seemingly trying to do what they think is right, but that seems to be diametrically opposed to the other side. This book shows that in reality there is no “other side”. It’s full of pathos, and humour as you’d expect from a leading comedian, and is a true picture of our lives today. It really hits the spot and moves at a good pace – I never found myself thinking about something else, which is really unusual for me. Basically, it’s a bloody good read and great entertainment from an author who really knows his craft. Highly recommended!

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“A funny and genuine good read”

I found this book up-lifting. I’d like to think I have the same sense if humour as the author as in parts I laughed loudly on the train. Go read it you may laugh to.

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Chris Barnett

“A hilarious story with tremendous characters, definitely worthy of 5 stars!”

This was a great read and I highly recommend it. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much but I can honestly say I found it very entertaining, interesting, informative and extremely funny. Look out for the scene in the hotel bedroom, this was probably the funniest chapter I have ever read and I genuinely had tears in my eyes trying to get through it. If you enjoy reading books by authors such as David Nicholls, Nick Hornby or Mark Watson then you should definitely add Dominic Holland to your list.

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Kirsty H

“A Chance Worth Taking”

I loved this book. I finished it in one sitting and it, along with Holland’s other books, were miracles after my months long reading block. I’ve loved all of Holland’s books which I also finished in one sitting and this, like his others, is easy to become emersed in. The character of Gabriel was alive to me in a way I struggle to find in even best selling books, and the stark honesty shown in this character is welcomly refreshing.

It was something new, and the type of book I don’t normally find myself picking up, but after Holland’s track record – with Open Links being one of my favourite books – I decided to take a chance.

I definitely don’t regret this decision.

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“First time I read a Dominic Holland story, and I have to say that I’m still amazed!”

Not being able to donate blood, my only way to help people is economically, so it was with the mere interest into donate to the Anthony Nolan foundationand that I bought “Open Links” – and had no idea about what to expect from the book.
First time I read a Dominic Holland story, and I have to say that I’m still amazed! The ability of letting the reader enter into the story and into the characters as well, is not granted when reading a book, but Dominic managed to do it in a wonderful way. Even with few words he is able to introduce a well-rounded character; with a funny shade always waiting around the corner. I had no knowledge at all about golf and English is not my first language, still I perfectly enjoyed the whole book.
Dominic made an Ace this time, one shot – one book – and won over my mind, my heart, and even my soul. His fan-base has officially a new member.

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Amy G

“Fantastic story”

Fantastic story that starts out with a horrific tragedy and a main character whose heartbreak is oh-so-relatable. This book is a detailed and entertaining tale of one man’s reaction to grief, told with warmth and unexpected humor in spots. Holland is a gifted storyteller, and this is by far my favorite of all his books.

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Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Little things. Tiny things that appear innocuous and incidental at the time but can go on to have life changing consequences. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. A Man's Life is a heart rending novel that draws on this theme.

Die-hard soccer fan Bill is truly despondent. His club is facing bankruptcy. His forthcoming act of protest will have untold consequences. It will ruin careers, destroy friendships and raise questions in Parliament. What might this rebellious act be? You will have to read this hilarious book to find out!

How does a film script by an unknown writer get to be read by a Hollywood studio boss? What happens if he loves it? And what do his people do if they have no idea who wrote it?

You can buy this directly from The Brothers Trust website just click here - remember every penny goes directly to  the Anthony Nolan charity, saving lives of people with blood cancer.