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On balance…

I note that Tom has a splurge of publicity of late with the impending release of his new movie Cherry and including a front cover for Esquire and looking suitably sultry. More on Esquire to conclude – the word I mean and not the magazine.… Read More »On balance…


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Interesting thing being famous – or trying to be/remain famous. I am not terribly bright. I am certainly not very well educated and what I have gleaned over the years, I have trouble retaining. And given how we revere ‘intelligence’ in our modern society –… Read More »Pointless…

Help please?

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Did you buy my first novel Only in America from Amazon last Thursday, 6th March. The reason why  I ask is because my sales on this day went nuts – I sold 140 odd copies in this day alone and I don’t care to admit… Read More »Help please?

The evidence?

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Well, it might not be dramatic – but I feel great half a stone lighter – gig tomorrow and I am fighting fit!

diet over – final picture tonight.

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For now though – news that Only in America is free again this Friday AND Saturday – please pass news on to your friends who can read!