Dominic Holland – Live at the Albert Hall…

So when my school contacted me a while back and asked whether I would say a few words at their centenary celebrations – I said, ‘sure, why not?’ – casually as you like, thinking that it would in my old school hall – and not the bloody Royal Albert Hall.

Er, that is 5,500 people […]

The British kids beyond thick

…What is the most valuable thing that out tiny island has ever produced?
And still produces today?
Something that is so valuable, it is impossible to put a value on it.
Something which is sought after over the entire world.
An undisputed world leading product.
A product which the whole world envies and the entire world depends upon and […]

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Interesting thing being famous – or trying to be/remain famous.

I am not terribly bright. I am certainly not very well educated and what I have gleaned over the years, I have trouble retaining.

And given how we revere ‘intelligence’ in our modern society – the idea of appearing on a television show designed to demonstrate […]

Only in America is free today and tomorrow on Amazon

Please download and if you have friends who like to read, please let them know, thanks.

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Help please?

Did you buy my first novel Only in America from Amazon last Thursday, 6th March.

The reason why  I ask is because my sales on this day went nuts – I sold 140 odd copies in this day alone and I don’t care to admit to how many is normal.

I have no idea why this […]

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The evidence?

Well, it might not be dramatic – but I feel great half a stone lighter – gig tomorrow and I am fighting fit!

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diet over – final picture tonight.

For now though – news that Only in America is free again this Friday AND Saturday – please pass news on to your friends who can read!

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Day 5 – pictorial evidence

as promised…

Day 5 – photo to follow…

Sorry that I have missed a couple of days – my Samsung phone is apparently ‘full’ and is helpfully suggesting that I delete some items – only I can’t! I can’t delete anything from my ****ing phone because as you know, there is a technological conspiracy against DH.

This is a long-winded way of saying […]

Diet Day 2

There is 4lbs less of Dominic Holland in the world today – but the lighter DH is decidedly less happy. 7 days to go…

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