We all need Momentum

The Brothers Trust supports a few local charities – including Momentum, a charity for children with life limiting illnesses – which was founded out of the hospital where our four strapping sons were born. Actually, none of them are strapping, but they are healthy, thank God.

Tonight I am hosting a comedy night in Kingston […]

Do you shout at the news?

Do you shout at the news?

I do and I did this morning when John Humphries on BBC R4 announced how many high street shops close per day…

I say this in the context of my day just gone.

In the morning I played golf with Tom and I won. (As I write this post, he is […]

The great British public…

At Waterloo Station today, I went to Lost Property in the vain hope that my lost iphone might have been handed in. I say vain, because I have registered the loss on-line and they send a notification if the item is found – and there has been no such notification.

At the Waterloo Lost Property […]


In my inimitable way I have been blogging for years on the wrong site.

Via my old school mate, nerds are now being recruited and set to work…

Their fiendishly clever workings will make this site the place for all things DH – including backlist books and shows plus the new show The Glory Year (now […]

A happy reunion…

To the Langham Hotel in London this week to hook up again with James Dunn for an event to raise money for Debra. It was a The Great Chefs Dinner led ably and very generously by Michael Roux.

We sat in an ante-room with James and his mum, Lesley – and with no time pressures, […]

too late for Eclipsed but another nice link…

Something rather lovely happening this week and a timely reminder of Eclipsed. Back in the day, I was a team captain on a flagship comedy panel show on Channel Five called Bring Me The Head of Light Entertainment. There are so many ironies in this statement, I won’t trouble listing them here plus I am sure that you spot them for yourself – for those of you so inclined.

Not again…

Here in Dubai for a few gigs I have just been asked to answer a few questions for a local blogger and I happily agreed. Why not? Now, it is reasonable to expect that what people want to know is not about me but about my offspring. I get this and no problem.

Super-heroes in London

Having been born and lived in London all of my life, I have many memories of this world city which has been transformed in the last decade or so and continues to changing so much before our eyes.

And no better example of such a dramatic transformation than Shepherds Bush?

All Londoners will have a particular […]

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So how the hell did it happen then?

Having a son like my eldest is definitely odd – especially so, given what happened to him yesterday evening.

And as you can imagine, I am constantly asked a number of questions;

Am I going to retire now? No

Did Tom go to a drama school? No

In fact, until Tom played Billy in Billy Elliot in London’s […]

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    Dominic appears for a second time on Sky News paper review show

Dominic appears for a second time on Sky News paper review show

The majority of people tend to have a lie-in on Bank Holiday Monday, but not Dominic. The intrepid comedian was up bright and early for his appearance on the Sky News Paper Review show, which takes place between 6-10am every day.

As part of his appearance on the leading news channel, he sat alongside […]