How Tom Holland Eclipsed His Dad

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This entire web site has been designed and written to convince people that Dominic Holland is a major comedic talent. Odd then, that he should write a book to debunk this notion so completely.

His eldest son is Spider-Man, and Eclipsed explains how this occurred. How does a kid from a normal family and an ordinary school become a movie star?

Dominic Holland does have comedy chops. He can make people laugh and as dad’s go, he might be reasonably hip and cool. But despite his best efforts, he has been entirely eclipsed by his offspring.

The story alone of Tom’s ascent is fascinating enough. His dad calls it a fluke and explains why. No drama school here. Or even drama lessons. The kid never even had a single speaking part in a school play.

But set against the best endeavours of his old man is what sets this book apart and makes it a unique read. Eclipsed is a hilarious story of serendipity and familial life.

Written with great wit and affection by a dad almost as bemused as he is proud. And bloody relieved as well…

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Reader comments

“a bitter-sweet tale of great liveliness and warmth; above all, it is profoundly human”
House on the Hill *****

“a tale of a father’s love for his son. Beautifully written, it’s a delight”
Big John *****

“The author’s honesty, pride and astonishment, wrapped in a blanket of humour, combine to make this a very enjoyable and uplifting read”
Christopher Bastin *****

“funny, fast-paced, moving and uplifting in equal measure. And at the heart of the story is the belief that hope will triumph”
CandleBurner *****

“Great read couldn’t put it down ! A must for any parent”
P Coates *****

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UK Premiere - The Impossible

Eclipsed at the Printers

A Mans Life

This is my favourite book of Dominic’s so far. A story that brought both tears and smiles. A story that takes you on a journey of great loss to discover a new way of moving forward and finding peace and happiness again.
One section (no spoilers) is an amazing piece of writing/story telling where I found myself sitting next to one of the main characters going through their experience. Thanks for this one, it is a very special book.
So don’t stop at “Eclipsed” everyone, there are other journeys to discover here.

Moria McPherson

Eclipsed: a friendly invitation into the Holland houseold

What a great read! It’s a surprising and laugh-out-loud funny story of an ordinary, close-knit family finding themselves leading increasingly extraordinary lives. Dominic comes across as a very reliable narrator. He’s open, honest and often self-deprecating – sometimes almost painfully so. But what shines through is this lovely family’s ability to take so many unusual turns of good and bad fortune in stride and ultimately remain grounded and unaffected by it all.

Even if you’ve never met the author or seen any of his entertaining stand-up shows, you’ll feel by the end of this compelling page-turner that you’ve spent valuable time getting to know a likeable, witty and humble man. I can’t wait for the sequel and with the family’s continued and well-deserved success in showbiz, one is bound to follow.

Brent Reid


This book’s a terrific read. It gives a unique genuine insight into the world of show business – not by someone who made it, but from someone who nearly made it. A painfully honest but also very witty account of eventually plateauing (his words, not mine!), whilst at the same time seeing the remarkable emergence of a new Hollywood star – it’s two stories in one. If you’re after an easy read, a good laugh, and some inside knowledge of how ‘showbiz’ works, this is for you.


Only In America

This is my second novel of Dominic’s, the first being “Eclipsed” and I am about to start my third “A Mans Life”. As a lover of stories there is a certain joy in finding an author who can take you out of your world and on a new journey.

This book had me travelling an emotional roller coaster of frustration and joy, cheering on the main character all the way. What a great story of dreams and determination that win out in the end.

I encourage you all to discover the writings of Dominic Holland and take that journey with me.

Moria McPherson

Eclipsed – Don’t miss this book!!!

I’m sitting in my room finishing this book at 12am with a smile on my face. Being an avid reader of all types of books, I cannot recall the last time a book made me laugh out loud. Dominic’s honesty was refreshing and the way he speaks of his family and experiences reveals that money is not a measure of wealth. Dominic has a real gift with the written word and a true story teller. I look forward to reading his other novels.

Moria McPherson

Funny & Inspiring

‘Funny’ and ‘Inspiring’ are the two first words that come to me when I think about what to say about ‘Eclipsed’.
‘Funny’ because I can’t helped myself but laugh on some unordinary stories or some sentences. For sure, the author is a funny comedian ! ;D
‘Inspiring’ because of all this story, of course. We all know the end before reading it, and it’s really great to see all the journey to this extraordinary happy ending.
Dominic Holland tells us this story with all his heart and his funny talent, and all of this becomes a great book to read !

Marine Melody

Thank You, Dom.

As I sit here and pen this review, I become emotional. I don’t know where to begin or whether I have enough words to describe the impact the Holland family has had on me over the past several months.

Maybe I should start in 2012? I was 15 and discovered a young actor – Tom Holland – after viewing a film by the name of The Impossible.

From here Tom would become my favourite actor; while the Impossible remains one of my favourite films to this day – One of the main reasons why I enjoyed Eclipsed so much was because of the insight Dom gave on the production of The Impossible.

I was a member of the rugby league academy in my local town Mackay. In 13′ I suffered a serious injury and was diagnosed with clinical depression before being medically retired.

It was a tough few years but I was able to get through it. I graduated high school and achieved entry into Uni where I study a Bachelor of Professional Communication course – where I wish to enter a career in journalism/screenwriting.

In 2017 I hit a deep depression again shortly after I was medically cleared to return to the sport I love. What got me through this depression? Tom and Dom.

Tom inspired me to get back in the gym. Eclipsed inspired me to stick to my dreams of writing. I’ve lost 13 kilos since July and have been signed to a reserve grade contract with a Rugby League club for 2018. I can only thank Tom and Dom for that.

I wish I could have gone more in-depth with this review but there just weren’t enough words

Jarryd Hackett

There are not enough words…

I have written this review a number of times over because it is very difficult for me to accurately express how much this story means to me.

When I first read this book, I did so with the limited expectation of learning more about a young man (Tom) I had come to admire. But this book is so much more than that. It is a story of family, of opportunity and incredible paralleles between the lives of father and son. This story has become a comfort to me, not only for the laughter it brings, but also because of the many things I have learned each time I have read it. It is a story that everyone can relate to, and one that everyone can learn from. Dominic has a incredible voice that projects pride and love above all else, and invites everyone to look for those everyday superheroes that can change your life irrevocably. That is what “Eclipsed” has done for me, and it has inspired me not only to write poems for each member of the Holland family in the hopes of expressing my thanks for all the joy they have brought me, but also to continue my work as a writer and, hopefully, someday be able to boast that pride of my family as Dominic has.

Thank you for bringing us along on the adventure sir.


Hilarious, heartwarming and highly admired.

After purchasing this book a while ago, I often find myself going back to it for many reasons. There are a lot of similarities between Dom and Tom and my mum and I (without the fame, obviously) which made the book feel quite personal to me. My mum had been battling cancer for 8 years but sadly we lost her 3 weeks ago. When I read Eclipsed for the first time, I immediately told mum about it and how it motivated me as an 18 year old aspiring actor to get off my arse and work for my dream. Eclipsed inspired my mum to finish the book she was writing as hers is also about her life and her journey. Sadly, mum did not get to finish her book but I want to thank Dom for inspiring her and for without knowing it, giving her encouragement. So, thank you.
As this is a book written by a comedian, it is so clear that the comedy in it isn’t forced and humorous lines just come naturally to Dom. As much as this book made me laugh, it is also a heartwarming story of how a father is so proud of his son and proves parents are their child’s biggest fans. I have read many books but this will always be one I will hold close to my heart from the personal connection to the truly captivating story. I have and will continue to recommend this book to anybody who needs encouragement or motivation to follow their dreams, wants to laugh out loud or simply wants to escape into the wonders of a book and read something incredible. Congratulations Dom on your success and your insane talent.

Katie E

A Hilarious Man and his New Normal.

If one were to just flatly tell you the premise of this book, you might be tempted to jump to a few different conclusions…none of which are likely very flattering to the author. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon a sample of it on my e-reader and, without knowing much else about the story, I began to read (and soon thereafter purchased).
This book is so much fun! It’s an easy read, but not because it’s simple. It’s well written by a very funny and humble man whose numerous anecdotes about his son’s catapult to fame and its subsequent effect on their family make for some of the most satisfying reading I’ve done in some time. While his stories are unique glimpses into a life and lifestyle most of us can only imagine, they also tell the story of a delightfully normal family trying to navigate some of the most mind-boggling circumstances and situations under the sun. I honestly have no idea how long this book is…I just kept swiping left until the epilogue and was sorry for it to end.
This book’s greatest strength is that it is genuine. These are real people with whom I can relate. I typically don’t much trust what happens in Hollywood, but honestly think this family stands a chance of bucking the norm and turning out ok. Case in point…AFTER acting in a Ron Howard film, Tom went to carpentry school for heaven’s sake…”just in case”. I highly recommend this book to just about anyone, and have been finding Dom’s blog equally as amusing. Thanks for sharing your story.

Erin K

Partial Eclipse of The Son

‘Eclipsed’ is a remarkable book not only for the story itself but equally for the skill with which it is told. And make no mistake – writing of this stature, particularly in the field of humorous prose, is a rare commodity which makes it even more inexplicable that the author’s other literary efforts have not reached a wider audience – and it’s obviously not for the want of trying!
Perhaps there are simply too many dunderheads in the publishing and film industries masquerading as so-called experts?
What constitutes a great read? A compelling story (tick); an effortless use of the written word (another tick) and for a book with a humorous bent, it should be, well….humorous (two ticks), yet the comedy is never contrived but always employed in furthering the narrative.
Above all it’s written with warmth, wit, a generosity of spirit and a truthfulness which is to be applauded, given that being candid in a public forum would not, in many media circles, be seen as a good career move.
The author’s pride in his eldest son’s achievements shines through this story, but all talent needs a catalyst in order for it to flourish and Dom’s role in this tale should not be underplayed.
I could have ditched all of the above and just posed the question, ‘Why would I recommend this book?’ Because, ‘It’s a beautifully crafted story and it made me laugh (a lot)’
I hope it won’t be long before Dom’s talent will be as celebrated as his son’s and he will receive the recognition he truly deserves.

Peter K.

Wiity, charming and enjoyable to read.

This book merits a 5-star review as it perfectly encapsulates the passion a man has for his career but also his family. The charming way Dominic can show pride for his son’s achievements when they eclipse his own aspirations for his career are both admirable and amusing. As I am the same age as Tom (1996 was a great year), it is interesting for me to not only draw parallels with Tom’s life experiences but Dominic has done such a remarkable job of allowing the reader to relate to and understand the pressures and privileges of being a parent. I had the pleasure of meeting the majority of the Holland family (minus Tom) in Edinburgh where I received a copy of this book. I was thoroughly impressed with how intoxicating this book is, as I have been able to complete it in a matter of days. The structure and style of writing in this book transports the reader to the event’s which have taken place and makes you feel as if you have witnessed it first-hand and are an additional member of the Holland family. This is a truly unique gift to possess in writing and is a testament to Dominic’s talents. I could not recommend this book highly enough!


LOL for this Reader-Dad

Like Dom I’m the father of a 21-year-old, and any dad with a teen or grown kid, famous or not, should especially enjoy “Eclipsed” and identify with Dom’s parental travails in safely shepherding a boy with rare talent. I rarely LOL when I’m reading a book, but Dom’s writing is genuinely funny in good, unexpected ways. And his openness and self-deprecating honesty are truly refreshing. Prospective readers should know that this is not a “celebrity bio” puff or publicity piece for Tom, although Tom’s path to the top is the backbone of the story. Instead it appropriately speaks in Dom’s paternal voice about Dom’s life providing for his family, his professional ups and down, and how he and Nikki lovingly and responsibly guided Tom through his first 18 or so years despite a childhood unlike almost any other. By the end you recognize Dom as a guy you’d like to meet at the pub for a pint and listen to his gentle, understated, but truly funny (and accurate) thoughts on life. Many of the names in Dom’s stories will be more familiar to British audiences but no matter, this American Dad found the book open, identifiable, and free of spin or gush about Tom (there’s fatherly pride in Tom, of course, but who wouldn’t be proud of a kid like him?). This was a perfect post “Spiderman – Homecoming” weekend read for me to get the back story on Tom and his remarkable family. A fun, quick read, and never a slog. Recommended.

F. Helminski

Anything Worth Achieving is Difficult

An honest, witty and refreshing read that could be about almost any family. Dom writes with pride not only for Tom’s success but for his family and the important part they have played and, clearly, continue to play in this developing story. Dominic’s honesty about his own career is at times raw but refreshing. This is possibly best summed up by his reflection that “life is meant to come in waves, with highs and lows because if our life does not have any lows how can we recognise and appreciate the highs”!

There are plenty of wise words and messages in this book and one that sticks out is the title of my review “Anything worth achieving is difficult” which is a chapter heading in the book and one that that is easy to relate to.

I suspect this book is only the beginning of a journey of both highs and lows and I look forward to the next installment maybe this time how Dominic Holland eclipses his son.

PS spelling mistake on pg 203 Amy not Any!

Stuart Martin

Surprisingly down to earth

I ended up buying another copy because I ordered it under the wrong name (I’m pedantic like that), but I’m always happy to support someone like you – especially since the book is definitely worth it.

I wasn’t necessarily expecting Eclipsed to be one of those slightly pretentious memoirs where everything is so serious you’ll need a dictionary in hand, but I can’t say I was expecting what I got, either.

I read this through breaks between classes, and it gave me a laugh when I could have used them; something I’m grateful for, of course. I found myself far more invested in your story then I thought I would, especially since I’m not that big of a reader.

I had a few minor issues with some offhand comments, but I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that I’m extra sensitive and have issues with everything, haha. Nothing worth writing home about, but I figure it was worth saying, at the very least.

Off to a second re-read, now 🙂



I wrote bad a few of words, sorry for my grammal mistakes
But please answer me Mr. Holland
I apologize for the inconveniences

Karla Arres

Tessa eclipsed Tom

Hello Mr.Holland, i hope you’re having a great day, i finally got permission -and money- from my parents to buy your book (my mother thought it was about vampires and wolfs) but i have a doubt, i’m from Mexico and i don’t know how to order my book putting the correct adress, do i write the adress in spanish? OH and i almost forget, i want to send a letter to Tom-his birthday is getting closer- with a drawing but i don’t know where to send it, there is some fan mail? I know his life has changed a lot and it’s going to change even more when Spiderman :hoco release, and maybe he will not have time for his fans anymore, i’m not prepared for that but i’m really proud of him There is a lot of things that i want to tell him (actually i wrote the letter a few weeks ago and i planned to give him on Mexico city but i was leaving the city the day that he,Haz,Harry and Lura just arrived,)
I would be very grateful if you give me an answer
Thanks for your attention

Karla Arres

Tessa eclipsed Tom

Hello Mr.Holland, i hope you’re having a great day, i finally got permission -and money- from my parents to buy your book (my mother thought it was about vampires and wolfs) but i have a doubt, i’m from Mexico and i don’t know how to order my book putting the correct adress, do i write the adress in spanish? OH and i almost forget, i want to send a letter to Tom-his birthday is getting closer- with a drawing but i don’t know where to send it, there is some fan mail? I know his life has changed a lot and it’s going to change even more when Spiderman :hoco release, and maybe he will not have time for his fans anymore, i’m not prepared for that but i’m really proud of him There is a lot of things that i want to tell him (actually i wrote the letter a few weeks ago and i planned to give him on Mexico city but i was leaving the city the day that he,Haz,Harry and Lura just arrived,)
I would be very grateful if you give me an answer
Thanks for your attention

Karla Arres

One of those rare books I couldn’t put down!

In the midst of increasing pressure from University work, I bought this book for my study breaks.

This book did something very few pieces of media have done for me, it inspired me to face my upcoming modules with confidence and to keep hope with me all the way!

It has given me hope in that if you give everything your best shot, no matter what happens, it will all be worth it!

This book is a really funny and entertaining read with plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout!

I’m now currently on my second read-through and I’m enjoying it even more the second time around!

I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in the story behind this book, especially to people who are aspiring to head into the Creative Industry like I am!

Thank you Dom for this amazing book!

Fintan Davies

Bloody brilliant

Throughout all of the laughs and giggles from reading this book I came to the realization of how much of a family we all are! I was constantly grinning to myself as I related Doms’ thoughts to my own & thinking how Tom’s personality is so incredibly similar to my own & the people I know.

I guess it’s a common action to distance yourself from “famous” people because you’re from an unpopular country or you have less opportunities. Most people laugh and say it ridiculous when you say “I will meet them one day!”. There’s an unspoken hierarchy put upon worth and professions these days & I love how Dom normalizes this in a funny and relevant way! Dom’s efforts to climb the fame ladder are reciprocated in every day work life. Toms incredible success is the same as one receiving an incredibly large (as in huge) promotion after working really hard for what they love. The difference is whether you need to be recognized or not to reach your success.

Your beautiful family in Kingston are so similar to mine, over 10000 miles away, and it puts a smile on my face feeling connected.

Whether you are working in an office, traveling with a back pack, a famous actor or dancer. We are all a family, we are all alike, and we all pretty much think the same!

I believe that the way this family of 6 has dealt with growth and change is a real-life example of how we would all react and feel.

Hands down a bloody brilliant tale of a bloody brilliant family kickin some ass!

Bek Edwards

Can’t Recommend this Highly Enough

I was recently recommended this book and normally I wouldn’t bother but my friend’s wife was adamant I just had to read it. I owe her one!

This book is just a lovely, lovely read and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

This book is warm, funny, enlightening, down to earth and written with real humility. Dom is a very skillful writer who can really take you on an emotional journey.

Jono Ivy

How Dom Holland Eclipsed His Son By Writing….

I bought Eclipsed as a birthday gift for a friend who is a devoted follower of the London theatre scene, and a particular fan of Billy Elliot. I was beside myself when I found it on here as a ‘real’ book, having read the Kindle edition myself and knowing my friend was a more traditionally minded reader. He is thoroughly delighted with his present, and loves the book as much as I do.

For anyone contemplating a purchase – just do it! Dom’s writing is absorbing, full of humour and beautifully written…and for those same reasons I equally recommend his novels as well.

I’m just worried that Dom will now spend so much time flying back and forth to Hollywood that he won’t have time to write anymore!!

Fabulous book, and excellent customer service from Dom himself – Spiderman could not have delivered my purchase any quicker, so Dom eclipses Tom once again!!

Larraine Anderson

Great Story; Great Book

I have to preface my review of Eclipsed with the disclaimer that I have been an enormous fan of Tom Holland since I saw him for the first of four times as Billy Elliot in London. There was no question that this enormous acting talent was going to go far. I should also admit that as a Yank I had absolutely no idea who Dom Holland was, though I am pretty sure he was the short guy standing at the stage door of the VPT one night who I was too shy to ask, “Are you Tom’s father?”

I am happy to say that the son has turned into the first rate talent I had anticipated, and the father has turned into a first rate chronicler of how a family can muddle through the joys and challenges of seeing a son’s star rise above his dad’s. Dom has told this story with enormous wit coupled with great insights into the worlds of theater and movies. More than that, he has shared with his readers those tender moments of family, and how Tom’s rise has impacted them all.

Eclipsed is a great read for anyone who is interested in the entertainment industry, but it is also a great read for anyone who just wants a few – many – good laughs.

And yes, a few years later, I did get to meet Dom – and Tom – at the Hollywood premier of The Impossible, but this time I didn’t have to ask if he was Tom’s father. I could tell by the way his proud eyes never left his son, even if Dom had been ECLIPSED!

Dave Ferguson

An Entertaining Read for Anyone

“Eclipsed” is the book to buy for anyone who is wanting to get a laugh or feel touched by the author’s words. Dominic Holland sprinkled his comedic touch onto every page he wrote. His hard work and dedication towards this book really shined through. When I read the book, I was surprised by the details that Mr. Holland placed in each chapter. After my reading sessions, I could close my eyes and picture what had happened in the scenes that played out onto the pages. Mr. Holland’s writing and countless others have helped become the writer I am today. This book has inspired me to continue writing in hopes to possibly being hired into a job that involves English Literature after I am finished with my college studies. Inspiring books such as this one should be placed into everyone’s hands, so they can enjoy this wonderful masterpiece. Thank you, Mr. Holland, for telling us this amazing story and I cannot wait to check out your other books as well!

Elisabet Tucker

Worth giving up some lattes to purchase the book!

Not many books are intriguing enough to convince me to choose reading over the good ole’ television…but this one was. In fact this was the first book I’ve read in years, and I’m glad it was! Initially hesitant because of the cost of shipping international, I convinced myself it was time to begin reading again and this was the only book of any interest to me, so I passed on a couple latte purchases to instead spend the money of this book, and it was a wonderful decision! Immediately drawn to the book, noticing the Author’s note was written on my birthday, I found while reading many tidbits Dom throws in that give the story a way of connecting to readers, through relatable life experiences. It was a great mix between comedy and emotion. Giving me many moments of mindless laughter, while also giving me moments of serious contemplation about just how unpredictable life will be. Reminding me of a show like “The Office” where I am consistently laughing light heartedly, while becoming alarmingly emotionally invested. This book got me seriously considering giving up a couple more lattes to purchase more of his books!


Equal Parts Hilarity and Hopefulness

At first, the book simply offers a hilarious, endearing, and entertaining glimpse into the life of a proud father in the most unlikely of circumstances. Encounters with ‘fellow’ celebrities, tales of miraculously restored vacation plans, and the radiant optimism in the writing keeps you flipping the pages, with breaks short enough only to let out a chuckle and give a slow shake of the head.

However, as a young man starting my own professional path through life, I found “Eclipsed” to house a felicitous message of hope within its unassuming anecdotes and reflections. Dominic presents a summary of his career complete with setbacks and disappointments that would leave many disenchanted. But just as impressive and inspiring as his son’s miraculous rise to international stardom is Dom’s evident persistence and appreciation for all of the joy and humor that comes with a life lived to its fullest. I set down the book with an assurance that fulfillment does not necessarily come from the achievement of one’s aspirations, but from the resolve to keep aspiring, and to keep laughing at every unexpected turn along the way.


Entertaining story about Entertainment!

I am writing to give “Eclipsed” my full recommendation. Dominic Holland pens a thoroughly entertaining read about a unique story of father and son. The premise is funny enough but Dom’s writing weaves hilarious anecdotes within a fantastic story of one kid’s meteoric rise to stardom and his father’s…shall we say…years long bloody-minded attempts at the same. An intriguing look into how a star is born, Eclipsed is a wonderful read for anyone who has shared Dom (or Tom’s!) dream.

Chad Harris


Such a fantastic book! Once I started reading I didn’t want to put it down. It was so interesting reading from the perspective of a proud parent. So well written and heartfelt, definitely a book i’ll be recommending to others, very glad I ordered myself a copy!

Louisa Nugent

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

Eclipsed is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this fantastic book on so many levels. Dominic Holland tells us the amazing journey of a lifetime as he tries to break into Hollywood only to watch his son Tom become the star. Great stories told with a wonderful sense of humor, Dominic had me laughing hysterically at times! I also shed a few tears.

I loved the father/son relationship at play here. Not everyone would handle this situation very well, but you feel the huge sense of pride that Dominic has for Tom and his success.

I had not seen the movie The Impossible until I was more than half way through the book, so make sure you watch that amazing movie and I also recommend you watch Billy Elliot The Musical. This does not feature Tom but it will show you the huge amount of work he put in for that show. He was on the West End stage for almost two years in the role of Billy Elliot.
Truly amazing, you will not be disappointed. Congratulations Dominic on a job well done!!!!


How Dom Eclipsed his son Tom who Eclipsed Dom

When I first pre-ordered the book, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew the book would be great coming from a comedian, but you never know. Dominic has a great way of setting the scene, and he gives such vivid details so you feel as if you’re at that meeting with Tom and his managers, or you’re at the Billy Elliot show. You never really get this perspective of a story like this and that’s what makes Eclipsed such a unique and great read. I finished the book in 2 days because it’s impossible to put the book down! Most definitely recommend buying this book and giving it a read! After reading it, I can already tell that Tom better watch out because Dom is going to eclipse his son soon enough!

Katelyn Smith

Very funny and hugely engaging book – highly recommend !

This is simply a brilliant book – funny, heartfelt, well-written, & hugely interesting. I was left with the sense of still being in the midst of, and actually a part of, an ongoing real life story that I now look forward to following unfold.

Dominic tells his own story in honest detail without it being indulgent, while providing an insight into his son’s professional life so far from a unique perspective we wouldn’t normally have access to.

Although I personally read books very rarely, I imagine this must truly be a unique story and may always be the only one of its kind. I’m glad I chose this.

I hadn’t read the original e-book version, and actually the 2017 chapter footnotes added a further welcome dimension to the existing story, bringing it as up-to-date as it can be. Can’t imagine anyone would regret reading this book.


Funny insight into becoming a star (or not)

Read the e-version of this book a few years ago. Tells a hilarious and true story about a wannabe comedian star (sorry Dom!) and his kid who shot into superstardom faster than the father could get a book deal through determination and sheer luck.