It is I the news because a professor has written a book debunking the notion of the ailment.

On this subject, I have some experience because one of my boys was diagnosed as dyslexic when he was very young, seven I think. He was officially statemented which cost us a few bob and his condition remains to this day?

This diagnosis would go on to cost me a fortune because my wife decided that our son needed a private school to get the necessary attention. And who am I to argue? But then what about his brothers who came along? Not dyslexic but what we have done for one child… So we sent them as well to the same private primary school and they have all since gone on to comprehensive secondary schools.

So the money I have shelled out on account of dyslexia? I dread to think.

But a wise investment as it transpired and like so many things in life, an inadvertent upside.

Because it was at this school that my wife saw a dance class being advertised and it was at  this class that would lead to the west end and Hollywood for the boy who got his letters jumbled up.

And so I don’t resent the diagnosis at all. Tom and his twin brothers loved the school and Paddy would have gone there too if the recession hadn’t blown in and almost knocked me over.

But what of dyslexia and do I believe in it?


Being truthful, I was never happy with the diagnosis. I have never been comfortable with saying that my son has the condition. I just believe that some kids have an issue with literacy in the same way that some kids are gifted at maths and that these anomalies are normal and do not need labels or to be explained away by bodies of experts.

I failed my English Language O Level the first time around. Not because I was stupid as I thought at the time. But because I was a summer baby and hideously immature compared to my peers – which I have of course now grown out of now.

I am not comfortable with any of these new conditions that we now have. Even with good intentions – these conditions also come with an agenda that is undeniable. Legions of professionals who make a living from them and not to mention the big Pharma companies with prescription drugs they would like us to take.