End of tour…

‘In The Heart of the Sea – European Premiere’ at Odeon Leicester Square, London, Britain on 2 Dec 2015

Today is a landmark day in the Holland household.

A true first – or at least a first in over twenty years.

I refer to the return of Patrick from his school tour of Sri Lanka – and the end of this kid free house that we have been for the last week.

Not to say that it has not been liberating. There has been so much to enjoy…

Less washing. No errant shoes to trip over. Wet towels everywhere. Strewn pants and odd socks spread liberally about the house. Missing chargers and remote controls. No lights left on. No doors being slammed. No pizza deliveries…

And time for Mr and Mrs Holland to be alone – nights out and nights in together – rekindling the times when these little men were made and brought in to the world.

If this last point is indeed an upside, let me just say this…

I have never known Nikki as excited as she is today. Paddy arrives this evening at 8pm and she is so ready to welcome him home.

Conclusion: The crap that comes with kids is way preferable to being without them – and especially when a husband and his needs are factored in.

Hey ho…


A true and happy(ish) story


  1. Paddyhollandfan December 8, 2019

    I think it’s awesome that you love your kids and would prefer being with them .

    • Spideyholland December 8, 2019

      It’s amazing how you’ve had these four wonderfull young boys who have grown in to not only astonishing young men but humble young men.Please reply to my comment as I would really like to meet paddy I’m a huge fan and have seen all Spider-Man by Tom and love the movie Holmes and Watson by Paddy . And I have a request . May you write about your reaction when you found out Tom was cast as Spider-Man and Billy’s Elliott

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