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Father’s Day with a Special Launch

Given how little people read these days, that I write a blog at all is probably a folly. Nowadays, people prefer to watch and listen to their content.

People like to scroll and how ironic that scrolls used to be the parchment on which the first ever written words were recorded. These were the precursors to books whose popularity is now waning in this digital age and accounts for the increasing popularity of audio books.

It’s simple. People prefer to listen than to read, so the new tome by JK Rowling is immediately available on audio as well as print.

But not all publishers are the same.

Some are more professional than others.

Today, to coincide with International Father’s Day – the (very) amateur publishing house, Dom Holland Books is finally publishing the audio edition of Eclipsed – about a decade late.

I am nothing if not careful and deliberate.

I am accustomed to lagging behind important curves – but 10 years late is piss poor by any standard.

Shoddy work.

Not the book, I mean. Eclipsed is not shoddy.

Oh contraire (that’s French btw), Eclipsed is a comic and dare-say-it, unique story of father and son dynamics, and family life more generally. It has been read across the world and with glowing plaudits from both old and young, men and women.

And like every re-incarnation of shampoo, the audio edition is new and improved with the addition of Tom’s voice. The story, however, remains the same – of how a kid ‘fluked’ his way to becoming Spider-Man – and at the end of certain chapters, Tom and I reminisce and catch up more generally – which is surely a boon and a USP (that’s proper business speak btw).

Or maybe not.

A few years back, I was introduced to one of the world’s biggest publishers who had expressed an interest in Eclipsed and whether I had considered an audio edition. I hadn’t but of course, I didn’t say this. I lied and said, yes, in the pipeline – in other words, make me an offer guys – I am all ears.

Their interest got me thinking about how I might make the audio especially attractive.

What if Tom were to contribute to such a project?

Because Tom is very fond of Eclipsed, he readily agreed, and I started to daydream at what might be…

If this publishing goliath is interested in Eclipsed Audio read by me – then surely, they will lose their minds when they hear about the involvement of you-know-who.

Through my intermediary, I shared the good news. That by acquiring Eclipsed and Dom Holland, they would be getting Tom Holland also – yes that TH – the one with millions of IG followers.

I wait with baited breath. I expect that they might call me in for a meeting to discuss the project. A meet with their department heads in a boardroom with views over the Thames or the City. A meeting with coffees and pastries. A chance to get to know me, perhaps and to establish that I am not a lunatic.

But then my friend got in touch and even over email, she sounds sheepish.

“It’s not for us.”

And that was it.

Not for them.

Which begs the question – in which case, which ‘celebrity’ non-fiction are they in for? I expect the latest contestant from a reality TV show – and good luck to them.

I was surprised but not disappointed. In fact, I think I laughed and just got busy with making the Audio happen myself.

Eclipsed was rejected as a book and now as an Audio and this just makes me ever more determined.

Father’s Day might be less celebrated than Mother’s Day (because dads are less important than mums?) but nonetheless, it is the perfect day to publish Eclipsed because it is a story of fatherhood and one that I figure is worth listening to. On reflection, (at my ripening age) I can see that fatherhood is where I have been most successful in life and not because of what has happened to Tom. But because of all my boys and how close they are to each other and their mum and dad. Co-dependents, all of us. This is a metric of successful family life and is way more important than anything else I have ever tried to accomplish in my ongoing life and career.

Not that I won’t stop seeking my career breakthrough that is…

But if you know my work over the years, you will know this already.


You can now order the audio copy of Eclipsed just CLICK HERE

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day with a Special Launch”

  1. I really enjoyed the blog this week!

    I’ve been excited for this launch for a really long time! I’ve been making my way through Eclipsed, but because of life, have yet to finish it.

    Maybe, if it’s an audiobook, as much as I tell myself I prefer a physical copy, I’ll finally be able to finish it!

    Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the years with this non-fiction work, as well as your other stories! Congratulations, and happy Father’s Day!

    Looking forward to next week’s blog!

  2. Quite appropriate for Father’s Day, my son is the same age as Tom, but nowhere near as famous, but still i hope his future overshadows my own.
    Thanks Dom for all of your sensible, if even humble, looks on life in our modern age. I prefer reading a physical book, which I have Eclipsed, but look forward to hearing it in yours and Tom’s pure British telling. Bought and started listening today.

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