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Getting High…

Show biz lives are audited by many different metrics: units sold (books, records…), awards garnered, career earnings, number of spouses, quantity of sexual conquests, quantity of drugs ingested/imbibed, units of alcohol consumed whilst on the job, number of times in rehab, premature death…

And on most (al?) of these categories, I fail miserably.

One solitary award, one wife and no rehab… so far, at least.

I have never smoked or done drugs, aside from a fleeting dabble with marijuana which I discontinued because I yawned more than laughed. Certainly, no coke, not even the drink and I don’t drink much alcohol either.

On this subject and for some compelling TV, I recommend The Pharmacist – a documentary on the opioid crisis in the US and particularly the drug Oxycontin which has killed hundreds of thousands of young people (and counting) and made doctors rich and the Sackler family hideous amount of money. It’s an extraordinary story of largesse with one of the best reveals I’ve ever seen. It demonstrates the best and the worst of humanity. A father trying to discover why his son was murdered and then going on to save others kids by going up against craven ‘professionals’ completely lost and driven by pure avarice.

Maybe I am lucky, not having an addictive personality. Or perhaps I have just never been exposed to anything that is so intoxicating that I just have to have more of it.

Until this week, that is.

Some of you will be aware (I hope) of my plans to revamp my career by becoming a more successful independent publisher of my books.

And the cornerstone of this strategy is to re-publish my debut novel, Only in America with a new jacket, a paperback version and without anyformattingerrors – so that it can become a launch pad for my other novels, books and stories.

And with my new website ready (www.dominichollandbooks.com) and various other ducks lined up, I was ready to announce a promotion (my first ever) that Only in America would be free on Sunday and Monday (last week). With everything crossed, I published my blog making this seismic announcement and I waited for the deluge in downloads.

A trickle at first, but in truth, my expectations were never very high. Based on my usual blog readership and the normal ratio of interaction, I had set a target of 120 and from here I extrapolated potential number of reads and even more problematic, the potential number of positive reviews it might garner.

But then Tom got wind of the promotion and since he genuinely loves the novel (and presumably, me?) he was keen to add something to his Instagram story.

And with this, the cracked damn wall finally burst and I became enthralled and beholden to my amazon dashboard as people across the world started clicking. Like mainlining crack cocaine (I imagine?), I became fixated as my novel began to climb the charts.

And no matter that these were not sales. This is a free book, remember. Giveaways and little more. I can only imagine how intoxicating it must be to top the charts with actual sales and incoming cash.

Nothing could distract me. Not even England playing a rugby international on terrestrial television. I was glued to my screen until Nikki explained that we had another larger screen to attend to.

To see Uncharted at our local cinema.

We had seen it already a few weeks before but I like seeing things with the normal movie goers and it was Paddy’s first time. Plus a trip to the cinema is always my free-pass to scoff chocolate which I guess is a drug.

But as I sat there (next to Tom) watching the movie – I felt doubly elated – on seeing Tom on such a big screen but also in the knowledge that I am finally a No.1 author on Amazon (albeit free).

As the movie played, a time for a little introspection because my life is certainly an odd one. Only in America is a novel about an errant movie script, inspired by my exciting foray selling my scripts to Hollywood. And here I am in a movie theatre watching my eldest son on the silver screen and beating up the bad guys.

My life and career is a happy and outlandish story – quite possibly stranger than fiction.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the book and/or helped with spreading the word of my relaunch (including Tom of course).

And finally to say…

For all the death, crime and misery that drugs are mired in – they remain cool. Drugs have a cache which is part of their allure and why youngsters are so drawn to them. People who partake are admired and considered chic.

But I don’t mind being boring and I don’t rue not sniffing, imbibing or injecting myself with various highs – because there are enough natural highs out there and I have been adventurous enough in other areas of my life. Like taking a shot at Hollywood. Enough to keep me on-point and to give me things to talk and write about anyway.

And I hope there is much more to come…


My new short story, The Surgeon was published this week and is FREE today on Amazon. (that’s a saving of $1.00!)

Made in England will be published on July 3rd and can be pre-ordered now – and soon after the audio version of Eclipsed will be published (with Dom and Tom)

For all things books – you’re welcome to visit www.dominichollandbooks.com where you can join my book club for info and offers of free books and my writing.

Uncharted can be seen in movie theatres across the globe for the foreseeable.








8 thoughts on “Getting High…”

  1. So happy for your euphoric high! Currently reading your signed copy of Eclipsed and I can see the struggles you’ve had but you are persistent and ambitious which is so inspiring! Well done and congratulations Dominic!

  2. Great news Dom, congratulations!!! Very well deserved. I really hope this is the turning point for your books. I’ve read all of them and loved them.
    I’m a little boring too. Only 1 husband (enough to deal with 😂) no drugs but partial to a glass of wine. Still a functioning human – just about. Enjoy your success Dom, I’m delighted for you!

  3. Gracias por regalar algo de ti, ya empecé a leer Tu libro Only in América, me gusta mucho lo que escribes y te deseo éxito en todo lo que venga.
    Y nuevamente gracias.

  4. yunacardoso@gmail.com

    Nice blog, as always. I’m going to see uncharted tuesday and congratulations on the success of your book. I wish you much more, you deserve that and much more good week Tom, Dom, Nikki, Paddy, Sam, Harry and Tessa .

  5. Congratulations Dom, that’s so exciting!
    In my case, I saw Sam’s story first then checked your blog and downloaded OIA. Sometimes I read your blog in the middle of the week so would’ve missed the deadline if it wasn’t for him since I only allow myself on instagram once a day (also an addictive drug 😬) so thanks Sam!
    I saved it to read on a long flight yesterday and am halfway through now and loving it. Thanks for the free content 😄. Already thinking about which one I should read next (this time through a proper paid purchase, promise haha), maybe I’ll follow the chronological order.
    Good for you that you’re failing at all the other showbiz categories, I guess this is what being successful really means so you’re totally winning at life and happiness.
    Have a great week!

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