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how tom holland eclipsed his dad is published

A long time coming and a little later than ideal but I am very pleased to announce that yesterday I managed to upload my ebook to Amazon.

The title of the book was always going to be Eclipsed – until someone on twitter pointed out that my book would get lost next to the Twilight phenomenon. Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. Then another person wiser than I am explained that the title of the book needed to have the words ‘Tom’ and ‘Holland’ in it – because guess what, Tom Holland is ‘more famous than the author’ and his name is much more searched for, and this will make the title search engine friendly.

Er, right, okay then…

Taking all of this on board, I quickly relented and settled on – “I’ve been eclipsed by Tom Holland” – but twitter followers weighed in with opinions of their own – and my old ‘manager’, Pete Harris came up with the title – “how tom holland eclipsed his dad” -  which I liked immediately…

and so by a collaborative effort, the ebook, how tom holland Eclipsed his dad by dominic holland has now been published on Amazon – which I am told is the easy part over – because now I have to start flogging it…


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