Well this is exciting…

My sixth book and fifth novel – I,Gabriel will be published on 29th July 2019 but can be pre-ordered now as a kindle book or a print on demand. It is my shortest book to date – at just 200 pages but this does not mean that it has been quick to write. Quite the reverse, in fact. But I deliberately wanted it to be short – because, less is more, but also because I think with attention spans ever shortening in our digital age, that a read-in-one-sitting-novel is an attractive prospect and particularly so for the occasional reader. We shall see.

In my first vlod cast, I talked about how my stories begin and then slowly germinate in my dusty mind, until a point that they are sufficiently formed and I feel compelled to start typing. All my stories begin with a central plot device – and for I, Gabriel, it is an idea that has been bouncing about in my mind for as long as I can remember. Twenty years perhaps and so I hope that the wait will be worth it.

Between now and July 29th, I will post various blogs on the broad subject of I,Gabriel and also some short stories that I have written in a similar vein or on a subject with some cross-over.

These are all techniques (I am told) that are used to publish on-line books professionally and needless to say are not what I have done in the past.