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It’s today…

I write this short blog on Wednesday 29th June in Borough Market which is an appropriate venue.

A famous London landmark and tourist attraction just along from London Bridge. A place of mixed fortunes for me. It was here, many moons ago where I filmed a very lucrative television commercial for the communications behemoth BT. My biggest ever payday, playing a milkman alongside Spielberg’s puppet, ET. Simply a massive gig to land. Life changing, even. £60,000 for a day’s work for worldwide broadcast rights. And this was over twenty years ago.

Only my character didn’t make the edit!


And so my fee was reduced somewhat…

To the fee for the days filming only. From 60k to £200 and feeling sorry for me, they threw in the trainers (sneakers) I was wearing for the shoot.

Painful at the time but I can laugh now.

But Borough Market had happier times and outcomes in store for Team Holland, when Tom came here with his Granny Tess for his first ever audition for Billy Elliot. A meeting I said he should enjoy and do his best, but not to expect anything to come of it.

Something else I can laugh at now and frequently do.

I am here today to visit the radio station, Talk Sport – The Hawksbee and Jacobs Show – to talk about Eclipsed Audio – the story that began just a stone’s throw from their studio over two decades ago.

I daresay I will mention Made in England also, my latest novel and sequel to Only in America which is published this Sunday, 3rd July.

It is always good to have a new novel to go to the world with. Yet another bullet in the barrel and pointed at the hazy and moving target.

But it is good also because it is a validation of my time during lockdown when my diary emptied and the world stopped turning for so many. I got busy tapping away (over and over) and why I have this new story to show for it.

As I said in my last post…

Not a novel to change the world – but it will make you smile and feel good about yourself and your world.

Feel-good might be the sales pitch for the many substances people resort to – but unfortunately these have harmful consequences also.

Getting lost in a novel has no such downsides.

And with this, I commend to you, Made in England.

Less euphoric than drugs, but much safer!


Made in England is published across all online sites as eBook and paperback.

Signed copies are available from



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