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Joining Musk and Bezos…

This week BP are in the cross hairs again for announcing enormous profits which is little surprise considering our energy bills are all spiralling north.

I say again, because the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico still lives in the memory.

And going back even further, I recall when BP rebranded their famous logo – with changes so subtle, no one would have noticed had the story not emerged of the tens of millions of pounds they handed over to a bunch of design agencies. Too much of our money, went the headlines. Money to Burn might have been better.

I am always  suspicious of re-brands and even more so of re-launches.

A re-launch is always a dangerous thing. A tacit admission that what went before has not worked or at least can be improved upon and therefore wasn’t terribly good. It has a ring of desperation to it. One last throw of the dice and with everything crossed.

And in this context, I am not-so-proud to announce the relaunch of my book/writing  career with a brand new website complete with a new Instagram account, @dominichollandbooks and twitter @domhollandbooks (twitter do not allow handles longer than 15 characters). All three are now live btw and welcoming incoming.

The internet might be vast but finally, a website arrives that the world has been waiting for. A site to shake up the publishing industry. Brand authors of the world be warned and take refuge. King, Rowling, Grisham… you’ve had it too good for too long.


So what can you expect from this game changing site?

Well, not so much to be honest. Nothing that new anyway. The same books but with a different font and a new photo.

But nothing ventured…

A new site then, dedicated to my writing and my books.

It will include my usual blog – plus blogs specifically written for the site. And videos for each book and where appropriate, videos pre-reading (inspiration) and post-reading (story beats and endings).

NB Currently there are no videos on the site but remain on my To-Do (near the top).

There will be news on this ground-breaking site of forthcoming books…

Made in England (July 3rd ’22), Takes on Life Vol.2 (this autumn/fall) and Eclipsed Audio, read by Dom and in conversation with Tom (this autumn/fall)

I have hopes also that the site (via my videos) can become a useful insight for people trying for a career in the arts – and building on this to create a forum – for reader/s to discuss my books (8 and counting), share ideas and glean tips.

I realise this relaunch appears to be a formidable task. Like the subject of my blog last week, the odds are against. And yet, I am game and raring to go.

All advice on successful publishing is that social media is the weapon that wins online wars. Social Media is the Holy Grail and on this, I am well armed with two blue ticks and solid numbers.

On my IG I have approximately 380,000 followers (I suspect all of whom follow/love Tom and/or my dog, Tess) and on Twitter, I have 81,000 followers (see IG) so these are more intrigue follows really, or vicarious follows… and what I need now are more dedicated new followers of DH ‘literature’.

Hence the new handles.

At the time of writing, on my new Instagram (@dominichollandbooks) (just saying) I have 7 followers and on Twitter, I have zero disciples, but Jesus only had 12 and look how he fared with the Bible, so something to shoot for then? This post has taken on a religious vibe which was not my intention but might be apposite because I might just need a miracle to pull this thing off.

So if you enjoy reading stories that make-you-feel-good-about-yourself-and-the-world (this is my genre btw and yes, I’m aware it’s unwieldy and not very catchy) and you have some energy about yourself, then you are welcome to join me on the new platforms and website.

I’m giving myself six months to see if I can make any kind of breakthrough.

But saying that, maybe I’ll give it a year. Or even 18 months…

Because these things take time, right. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… A moving target…

The moral here being that delusion might not be a desirable trait unless it combines with defiance and determination – which I think is a pretty broad church and is not a bad place to live.

Onwards people.



The first blog has been published today on

with a chance for visitors to save themselves $3 on a book that will make them feel warm and when you consider the cost of domestic heating is about to sky rocket…





6 thoughts on “Joining Musk and Bezos…”

  1. Book webpage and Instagram site duly signed up for/ followed (I’m not on Twitter or I would follow you on there too!) I have every faith that this will be a success. Good Luck! ☘️

  2. Great blog dom. Thank u so much for This post .i Hope you have tou big sussefull.
    I will follow you in all currencies now
    With love a tom,dom,Sam ,Nikki,Tess,pady .
    Have a Nice weekend

  3. as always great blog Mr. H, I hope you have a lot of success with this relaunch, greetings,
    lots of love to all your family
    Good Sunday 🤗💐

  4. As always great blog Mr. H, I hope you have a lot of success with this relaunch, greetings,
    lots of love to all your family.
    Good Sunday 🤗💐

  5. Great blog Mr. H, what good news, I hope you have a lot of success with this relaunch, greetings,
    Lots of love to all your family.
    Have a good Sunday!☺️💐

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