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Milestones keep on coming…

On this day 23 years ago my world changed irrevocably – becoming a dad for the first time. And people say there is no such thing as a job for life anymore.¬† And at this time, I had know idea that three more boys would join him – and with them my life would be effectively¬† done for. But hey, no complaints…

Most commonly I am asked if I am proud of Tom and of course I am, but I use the word ‘beguiled’ more easily – beguiled by what he can do and how he conducts himself as much by his achievements and chief amongst these are his maintaining his normality in his unreal world. He is away for his birthday – his ‘job’ – if it can be called a job, taking him away to Bali; a world glamour spot and a great place to celebrate any milestone. And we are delighted that he has brothers, Sam and Harry with him for company. In truth, I am no more proud of him than any of his brothers.

I miss them of all of course (even with face-time) but being home with Nikki and Paddy has some very apparent upsides… its much quieter, less shoes to trip over and we have milk…

They will return – a little more worldly experienced and a little older too. And I will be a little older also.

And the lesson here my dear brethren…

Live your life people.

Happy Birthday Tom



1 thought on “Milestones keep on coming…”

  1. I love this!

    And yes, you’re absolutely right. The milestones tend to roll by and we never quite realize how much we appreciate these things until they come along.

    Not that I, you know, have children or anything. I just know what it’s like to be constantly astounded by the people I love. And yes, quite beguiled at what they can do.

    Well said, sir. Well said.

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