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Now they are all at it…

Enough already I know – but yesterday was the turn of my youngest son…

Recently he took up the Baritone. I didn’t know there was such an instrument. I thought a Baritone was a male singer and most usually a fat one. None of my boys are fat. I make altos more than tenors.

Anyway, it turns out that Baritone is an instrument which I learned when Patrick had a big box to lump home from school one day. And ‘playing’ the brass monster at home, I have to confess I wasn’t aware of being able to discern any tune or recognise much flare.

Tom was on skype last week to a film director from the US and Patrick chose this moment to blow his lungs out, which raised an eyebrow and took some explaining from his older brother.

Anyway, yesterday was Patrick’s first concert. Bad dad, I almost missed it – and arrived just in time to see and hear that with a backing track and a teacher for guidance – they all sounded pretty good.

Much better than me anyway. I can’t raise a note from any instrument and my reading of music is as bad as my reading of Chinese – so now even my youngest can honestly claim to be able to do something I can’t.

Eclipsed continues unabated in the Holland household and is now even spreading…


3 thoughts on “Now they are all at it…”

  1. Gawd Dom – not hard to tell which one is yours lol poor little bigger looks too much like his dad bahahaha Thank god he can play a musical instrument and has some hope in this world bahahaha

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