Open Links

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Ricky Randal’s having the worst morning of his life. And there are still eighteen holes to go.

It’s the final day of the British Open, and storm-clouds are gathering over Muirfield. Fighting his way into the elite world of millionaire golfers, frenzied journalists, and stuffy officials, a long-in-the-tooth journeyman player finds himself without a caddie, without a pair of trousers – and without a chance.

The odds are against him. The course is fighting him. And he’s got nobody to back him up apart from the world’s most unlikely toilet attendant, a sports reporter hoping for an underdog story, and one young fan in desperate need of a miracle.

OPEN LINKS is a life-affirming story of hope, family and endeavour; a fairy-tale that will resonate with everyone, but particularly those of us who still dare to dream.

Praise for the novels of Dominic Holland:

“Witty and charming. Astonishingly good. Quite irritating, in fact.” (Angus Deayton)

“I read this book in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Funny, sweet and sharp, with a wonderful story.” (Graham Norton)

“This book is the best thing to come out of Holland since tulips.” (Harry Hill)

“This book is so charming and funny. A genuine page-turner – I read it on holiday and missed big chunks of Venice.” (Sandy Toksvig)

‘The characterisation is warm, the dialogue is witty, and the plot-friendly, feel-good fantasy … will make you smile” (The Guide)

“A fine stand-up comic has turned into a first-class, laugh-out-loud novelist. Read and enjoy.” (Barry Cryer)

“A funny and sweetly romantic debut” (Daily Mail)

“Very funny” (The Observer)

“A literary Ealing comedy” (Sunday Express)

“[Only in America is] an LA-to-London love story to rival Notting Hill” (Heat)

“A marvellous comic novel” (Daily Telegraph)

“The characterisation is warm, the dialogue is witty, and the plot-friendly, feel-good fantasy…will make you smile” (The Guardian)

“Short, smart and packed full of jokes. If this book wore glasses it would be Dominic Holland” (Nick Hancock)

“A lively, funny read” (Sunday Mirror)