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May 13th 2020 - Two blokes without a clue...
April 22nd 2020 - Two blokes droning on. One unemployed, the other as yet, never employed. What might they talk about?
April 9th 2020 - Sam and I have moved our podcast to a new venue - the end of the garden!  We talk about jobs, past, present and future.
March 30th 2020 - Sam and I review jigsaw wars and the general state of lockdown - and this being a lockdown, they are interrupted by Nikki to make a cup of tea and a phone call from some bloke called Tom.
March 24th 2020 - Sam and I provide a small distraction to so many people the world over who are wondering what to do... Just two blokes chatting with one pearl of wisdom we might all adopt!
March 17th 2020 - Sam and I catch up on the twins birthday, learning life skills and trying to do a podcast when annoying brothers ring the door bell and ruin things.
January 28, 2020 - Sam and I , talk about nothing terribly sensible and in no particular order - and is therefore essential listening.
December 18th 2019 - Sam and I, look forward to Christmas and back at the highlights of our respective 2019 - the highs and the low. Interruptions by Mrs H midway through and then a very welcome phone call from Tom Holland to end.



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