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Reading is good for the soul…

Sharing my sage advice and invaluable wisdom with one of my boys last week I explained the importance and the value of being new and young. Youth and novelty are two golden attributes that everyone is blessed with of course, but we enjoy them only fleetingly and so they must not be squandered.

Someone and something is new only once and so be sure to capitalise. It is much easier selling something new than something old, unless it’s an antique of course, or say a painting by a dead artist…

So sure, there are exceptions, but you get my point, right?

New is sexy and of maximum value.

Old is boring. Old is not exciting. It has been done already. A tough sell, move on…

And yet this is precisely what I am charged with here. But don’t let this put you off. Bear with me because what I have to sell is important and it will be worth your while.

My mission (which I have chosen to accept) is to sell a book – not my latest (and new) Made in England, but a previous book called Open Links – which I make no apology for because it has the potential to save a life and surely this is something to shout about.

Today is the concluding round of the Open Championship when the ‘Champion Golfer of the Year’ will be crowned at St Andrews on the most famous course of them all.

An appropriate day then to commend Open Links – since it is set on the Sunday of the Open Championship but again, don’t let this put you off.

Open Links is a novel for everyone whether or not you know anything about golf – as the reviews on this website make clear.

But even though I have updated the manuscript to make it more timeless –  Open Links is dated by certain factors.

Most notably, Peter Allis, the legendary BBC golf commentator is no longer with us. Watching the Open today from above and no doubt opining in his unique way. My friend, John Inverdale is gone too. Not dead but no longer the BBC’s voice of sport. Wayne Grady, the brilliant Aussie golf pundit has been permanently moved away from any microphone and some of golf’s current stars are conspicuous by their absence. No Morikawa, Scheffler, Shauffele, De Chambeau, Zalatoris…

But no matter, because the story of OL remains relevant and is worth your time and money – more on which later.

And unfortunately, leukaemia and other blood cancers remain also and continues to blight lives. Here in the UK, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer every twenty minutes – this is a stark fact to read – and no doubt will put in to perspective just how bad a day any of us are really having today.

And now to the cost of Open Links (£10) and why it is worth every penny.

Because all proceeds from every sale goes directly to Anthony Nolan – the world’s largest stem cell register. Very simply, this register matches donors to strangers and by doing so, it saves literally hundreds of lives every year.

So, whether you enjoy Open Links is irrelevant.

But that said, I have a reasonable instinct for funny. I have a good enough command of English to write stories that are compelling and worth reading. And what happens to the hero of this story in these 18 short chapters will make you smile, quite possibly cry and will almost certainly make you feel happy.

Not to mention helping to grow this all-important lifesaving register.

And this begs the question – what’s not to like?

Open Links print copies is available only via The Brothers Trust.

Made in England is more widely available – but full disclosure – I keep all the proceeds and although it’s a fun read and will make you happy, it isn’t going to change or save a life which is why only one book is linked in this short blog.

Happy reading world.



2 thoughts on “Reading is good for the soul…”

  1. You are right Dom. ‘Open Links’ is for everyone. I know nothing about golf and yet enjoyed the book immensely. It also helps that it supports a wonderful charity so is a worthy purchase.
    Made in England is wonderful. I have loved watching it evolve from it’s beginning on Patreon to the story is is now. Congratulations Dom☺️

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