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I,Gabriel is a morality tale for our times

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Vividly capturing the sometimes dark heart of London – and of all collections of humanity – it also shines a spotlight on how events and actions, both life-changing and seemingly insignificant, can change lives for ever.

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Gabriel Webber is a man of contradictions; a man with everything and nothing. A soaring success and an abject failure. Blessed with a brilliant mind yet incapable of understanding the most simple equation of all; to create contentment and happiness.

Lost to the progressive world. His views are anachronistic, he feels marginalised and is lost. His prejudices tormenting and confounding him until a most beautiful and unlikely epiphany. A chance encounter which literally saves his life but one he must strive to understand if he is to save his soul.

I,Gabriel is Dominic Holland’s fifth novel and unlike anything he has published before. A beautiful story for our times and an anti-dote to the increasing divisions, individualism and groupings of modern society. A provocative and salving story, I,Gabriel is a novel for all readers, young and old and for readers with a conscience and a hope that we can do better.

Dominic Holland is a multi-award winning stand-up comedian. With countless television and radio appearances, he remains one of the UK’s most respected comedians and writers and continues to perform the world over. He is married to Nikki. They have four boys and a dog. They live in London in a house that is much messier than they would like.

“…a most compelling story and with an ending so satisfying, I am sure to read it again and again.”

“Like his novel, Open Links, I read this in one sitting. It is the best novel I have read in years.”


Jo L

A “can’t put it down” read….

Another good read from Dominic Holland! Gabriel is not the nicest of people at the start of the book. You know you’ve met people like him and instantly found them distasteful – but how he transforms! By the end, he is the type of person you would happily talk to. My favourite line in the whole book and epitomises his complete change of character is the last thing he says. – perfect.
I was set a challenge to guess the ending and I was 75% correct…so close but no cigar!

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Isabella B

“To be as free as a bird, isn’t that what we all aspire to? Freedom”

I do not believe there is a better way to describe this book but with this, Freedom. Ironic, isn’t it? To have freedom and fate mingling so closely together, yet finding their own way of compatibility? I cannot argue, try as I may, with the freeing nature of this novel. I caution you if you find yourself on the rocks when you pick up this book, for you might just find the answers you are looking for. I promise, no matter where you are in life, there is something in this piece that will resonate with you. Cling to it. Allow it to be the branch you land on when you settle from your freeing flight.


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Janey L

” Perfect for a quick read”

This book is perfect for a quick read. This shorter story was entertaining and exciting throughout the whole book. I read it in one sitting and the story was just so satisfying.


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Casey O'D

” Keeps you captivated to the point its hard to put down.”

Honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read, keeps you captivated to the point its hard to put down. I could have read it all in one sitting, but decided to spread it out to give me time to think and process what had happened so far. It’s full of emotion and a sense of reality which captures today society perfectly, which brings the book to life even more. Skillfully navigated many taboo subjects. It’s a thought provoking book which is beautifully written and the way it ends is amazing and something I didn’t see coming or expect.


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Emma B

“A wonderful read, with beautiful and natural character development”

A humbling read that really allows you to view life from another world and another perspective. The story allows you to consider your own self and how others may view you, whilst still keeping you in tune with the story and dare I say it, rooting for the main character. It’s not a story like something I have read before. The beginning made me cautious to continue but once I began to understand, it was hard to not want to read on. This book made me feel things I hadn’t expected from a comedic author, but I was pleased all the same.Will definitely hope to read more of Holland’s work, and look forward to future books he may publish.


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S Jarman

“I,Gabriel is a morality tale for our times”

I,Gabriel is a morality tale for our times. Vividly capturing the sometimes dark heart of London – and of all collections of humanity – it also shines a spotlight on how events and actions, both life-changing and seemingly insignificant, can change lives for ever. Sometimes shocking, sometimes profoundly moving the story pulls you along at a ferocious pace and I did not see the ending coming, even though I smugly assumed more than once I had it sussed! If you want to read something which is not only entertaining but also challenges how you see what is in front of your eyes every day, this book is for you.


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P Buttke

“The first thing I thought was when is the sequel!”

I, Gabriel was the second book I read by Dominic Holland. The first being Open Links which I loved because I felt like I was a spectator at the golf tournament. When I started the book I found it really hard to like Gabriel, but as I continued the story I began to change my views of him flaws and all. Watching Gabriel change as events he was faced with made him grow as a person! The surprise at the end was not expected but worth it! The first thing I thought was when is the sequel! I thoroughly enjoy Dominic Holland’s style of writing. I have since read A Man’s Life, Eclisped and Only in America! They are all must reads!!


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E Dayman

“A wonderful story and a pleasure to read”

Being a university student, I don’t have a lot of spare time to read books that are not part of my course. However, after reading the first chapter of I,Gabriel I could not put it down. The story is not only captivating but extremely realistic and well written. The words flow seamlessly which makes it really easy to read. This is the first of Dominic’s books that I have read and it certainly will not be the last.


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Audrey L

“Surprise quickly gave way to curiosity”

Having read “Open Links” and “Eclipsed” I was quite surprised when I entered the world of “I, Gabriel.” Surprise quickly gave way to curiosity as I explored the brazen and complex world of Gabriel Webber’s brain. The book’s introduction pulled me in right away and I wondered how Mr. Holland was going to develop this character, a character which honestly, I would have not enjoyed conversing with if I had met him in person. Unsure how this character could experience any drastic change, I continued with the story. After finishing the book, I am pleased to report that I felt Gabriel’s character matured in a dramatic yet realistic way. Mr. Holland brilliantly highlighted how one moment can really change your life, and I loved how he did not scratch the surface of this idea but created a situation when the reader had to truly consider which moment this was for Gabriel. It made me as a reader feel as if I was part of the mystery of Gabriel’s journey and made the conclusion of the book all the more satisfying.

I also enjoyed how Gabriel’s development included questioning what was really important in the world and most importantly, his world. Gabriel’s observation of his world happens in conjunction with other characters making their own observations on how their own worlds operated. Seeing these observations play out, affect one another, and enact change in the character’s life was another way that I felt entwined in Gabriel’s story. Gabriel’s evolution was influenced by these other character’s worlds and priorities, and as these characters slowly reveal their full worlds and their true colors, the projection of Gabriel’s character made more and more sense. With these outside influences affecting Gabriel and at times encouraging or forcing him to change, Mr. Holland cleverly brings in the notion that community is an immensely powerful thing. Furthermore, that a person’s role or perception within this community can be an equally powerful thing. In a society filled with social media, online newspapers, tabloids, and more, the perception or image of a person can at times be overdramatized. I think this story is an excellent example of purposeful manipulation of an image and how quickly these manipulations can spin out of control. It is however, also a strong example of one event can lead to one action that catalyzes a series of changes that really change a person and their life. And once again, Mr. Holland brings his readers into the mystery by making this event hard to decipher and one of the prominent kernels of this story.

I congratulate Mr. Holland on once again delivering a story that fully delves into its characters, its plot, and its message. And as someone who has OCD which a focus on “hygiene neurosis” as Gabriel Webber experiences, I highly appreciated the glimpses of hardships that Gabriel can experience with this condition and part of his evolution included some healing in this area. It gave me hope that one day, I too, might start to get better. In conclusion, thank you Mr. Holland for another wonderful read and please do a podcast or live interview on your influences for this book! It is so different from your other works that I have seen so far, I, along with other readers I am sure, would be fascinated to learn what led you down the road to this specific work. Looking forward to my next read and thank you!

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Elisa P

“Once you are reading, you can’t seem to stop. “

The Story begins slowly with an unlikeable character, but once you are reading, you can’t seem to stop.
Gabriel is changing as the story goes and so does my opinion of him. I feel really attached to this book as I can see my friend in Gabriel’s story. Something happened in his life and just as I was reading that chapter where he decides to write a book, my friend thinks about the same thing, a strange coincidence but this book now has a special place in my heart.
This book will definitely go on to my favorites-shelf!

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