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Newsletter Exclusive: Takes on Life Vol.1


His second non-fiction book which he fully expects to be his breakthrough in to the literary big time. If you are sighing at this, then imagine the grinding reality of being Nikki Holland, his wife.

A book to make you laugh, smile, think and make you realise that it is not just you. You are not alone. An unintentional self-help book but that actually does help and does so without the aching worthiness.

Thirty-one essays or Takes. A daily read for even the longest month of the year and most likely, as readers sit in the smallest room of their house.

Featuring some of Dominic’s favourite blogs over the years but most takes written specifically for this book.

Dominic meanwhile, remains defiant and as delusional as ever.

Takes is available as a paperback from online retailers for £10.

But in keeping with Dom’s plans (hopes) of Takes being a gift book, only hardbacks are available via his website and priced at £15.

On the purchase page of this website is a form you can complete whereby Dominic can dedicate the book for your recipient, add your message and then sign off by adding your name and his.

An example…

To Melissa… to celebrate your Birthday/Christmas, here is a book to make you feel good. A present from your friend (insert, YOUR NAME) and from me (Dominic’s SIGNATURE)

A unique gift for someone you are fond of. That rare gift that might just be kept because it makes the recipient smile and reminds them of their friend (you) who sent it to them.

Or you can purchase Takes for yourself of course – and thank you – which Dominic can sign and dedicate as you wish.


A book conceived and written in lockdown and about to shake up the book world forever.

You know all those books that are described as hilarious, screamingly funny and unputdownable but just aren’t any of these things.

Or how about all those books that you have received for Christmas but have never gotten around to actually reading…

But this book is different.

Takes on Life is a book that is funny. The author is a comedian. He makes me people laugh out loud for a living. Or he did!

Hard hitting essays on some of life’s imponderables that confound us all. Until now that is, because Dominic Holland is on hand and draws on his deep font of wisdom to provide answers for us all and show us a way forward.

Beautifully published as a print book only, Takes on Life is a fabulous gift book and one that stands a high chance of being read and cherished.

A Paper-back edition is available on-line, but via this website, only hard back editions can be bought and dedicated to your friends by the author.