Having a son like my eldest is definitely odd – especially so, given what happened to him yesterday evening.

And as you can imagine, I am constantly asked a number of questions;

Am I going to retire now? No

Did Tom go to a drama school? No

In fact, until Tom played Billy in Billy Elliot in London’s West End, he’d never had a speaking part in any school play before and he has not had any formal drama lessons either.

Okay, so did he go to a really posh school?

No. He went to an ordinary comprehensive school like I did and most kids do.

Right, so how the hell did he become Spider-Man?

Well, that is a long and interesting story and funny you should ask because…

When I finished writing the most important book of my life – how tom holland Eclipsed his dad – I said in the epilogue something like…

“This book finishes here and I am not going to update it. I am not going to chronicle the lives of father and son forever more. So, anyone wishing to follow the careers of either of us can do so either in movie theatres across the world or in village halls across England.”

I completed the book in Los Angeles on the red carpet at the premiere of Tom’s first film, The Impossible.

And at this time, of course I had no idea what lay ahead.

Maybe nothing and that would have been fine because I still figured that the story I was recounting was wild and funny and worth telling.

But I never imagined for a second what really lay ahead.

Recently on the movie website, IMDBpro, Tom was ranked the most searched for actor in the world and last evening, in Las Vegas, he was announced to the world as the new Spider-Man – my little boy whose journey began 15 years ago when his mum announced that he could dance!

‘So what.’ I replied at the time, or something similar…

So anyone who really wants to know how a kid from an ordinary family gets to become Spider-Man – and completely overshadows his old man’s best efforts in show biz – then how tom holland eclipsed his dad is for you.