Story telling…


An audition yesterday for Audible to become a book narrator which was different and exciting.

Especially so since they asked me to bring along two pieces to read – a fiction and non-fiction and ‘it should be writing that I feel comfortable reading in my own voice.’

My advantage being that I have lots of my own books to choose from.

Eclipsed is my life story about Tom and I and our very different career trajectories.

And Only in America – my first novel – where the central character, Milly is in fact, me and my life – or at least, it is, up until her pursuits in the film industry suddenly bear fruit.

My real life experiences trying to crack Hollywood as a writer are really the spine of Eclipsed and when I decided to write my experience in to a novel, it was Nikki who suggested that the central character should be female and that it should be a love story. Well, I say suggest…

And yesterday was apposite also because audio books are very much on my mind at the moment – because for the first time, I, Gabriel will be available as an audio book and I am busy getting the recording together. My friend John Peters, hugely experienced stage thespian (and star of Harry’s two short films) will narrate and play Gabriel and a bunch of other friends will chip in with voices also.

And I have plans to do the same with Eclipsed as well – me narrating, naturally but I wonder who I should get to play the part of Tom?

The actor, Tom Holland would be ideal.

But he’s got to be so difficult to book, surely? I expect that he’s most likely busy making movies and then going on worldwide publicity tours? And then there’s his fee to consider which is most likely top-end and  outside my budget based on meagre and disappointing sales-to-date. And then there’s his people to deal with? Because I bet that he has fierce LA agents who just say no as a default position. But then again, I have met Tom in the past. It’s been a while but I figure that he will remember me. I might even have a number for him, so I could given him a call? No, too direct. Unprofessional. Email is better. Or maybe, I should email his Rottweiler agents first…

Blimey, complicated…

I,Gabriel on the other hand is definitely coming out as an audio book…

I am pleased to say that the latest readers of the manuscript have all reported back now – with just one school mate to come –  and with very encouraging reactions and my plan is to publish in July. Before then, the audio book gets laid down, I have the jacket being designed (by another mate!) and I will continue blogging and typing away – which is no easy feat given that, as with all my new projects, my fingers are permanently crossed.



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