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The Lion King

The mantra ‘never meet your heroes’ was firmly refuted this week when I had the pleasure to meet the great Gary Player. I say ‘great’ but I am conscious that many readers might not have heard of him and if so, then listing his sporting… Read More »The Lion King

But I’m a blogger…

Nikki often accuses me of not laughing enough and if this is true, then I put it down to my profession. Perhaps, I am unwittingly studying why something is funny rather than just enjoying it. Maybe so – but I still push back of course. I state firmly that I laugh plenty – just not with you! Ouch. I am joking btw.

The word is mightier than the…

Whilst I will refrain from wishing everyone another Happy 12 months ahead… but I cannot proceed without thanking everyone who responded to my first blog of the year. A departure for me in subject and one fraught with peril.

Open Folly…

The Open Championship on Sunday is always one of the great days of the year. The only game that I play and the sport that I love; the hardest game of all and why I admire it’s protagonists so much. Their skill and guile but… Read More »Open Folly…

Why I am world no.1?

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I have written on this blog before about the various issues I have with celebrity golf days. Namely the humiliation that comes with being a ‘celebrity’ of dubious calibre and especially so to my playing partners who have paid top dollar in the hope of… Read More »Why I am world no.1?