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But I’m a blogger…

Nikki often accuses me of not laughing enough and if this is true, then I put it down to my profession. Perhaps, I am unwittingly studying why something is funny rather than just enjoying it. Maybe so – but I still push back of course. I state firmly that I laugh plenty – just not with you! Ouch. I am joking btw.

Breaking the internet… (slowly)

Rare for me to write a second blog of the week but when something so momentous occurs…

This week, almost on a whim, Sam and I sat down and finally knocked off our first podcast. Just us two, rambling on about our year past – typically interrupted by Nikki (twice) crashing in to the room she has every right to crash in to, and so my reaction was probably misplaced and then another interruption but this time very welcome when Tom happened to FaceTime from the States – not to speak with me but because he wanted to see Tessa. Charming.