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The word is mightier than the…

Whilst I will refrain from wishing everyone another Happy 12 months aheadā€¦ but I cannot proceed without thanking everyone who responded to my first blog of the year. A departure for me in subject and one fraught with peril.

A post for a new decade…

There is only one way to begin this post, so here goes; a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and NEW DECADE to you all! There is definitely a cut off for such cursory wishes. Not an official date but just a feeling that we all seem to discern at roughly the same time; perhaps when we reason that this year is much like the last. I hope then that this post and my well-wishes has arrived in time?

Money money money

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Last night I attended an uber-posh antiques fair to support a charity called JDRF (Junior Diabetes Research Fund). Lots of celebs in attendance and even Royalty for people to gawp at – or not depending on how cool peopleĀ are? Anyway, mooching through the stalls of… Read More »Money money money