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You heard it here first…

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Regular readers of this blog – Eclipsed – will recall that I worked with a lovely chap last year called John Williams. John was at stage school with one, Ewan McGregor – so a connection there… As well as being mightily impressed by his warmth… Read More »You heard it here first…

Tom Holland eclipsed…

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Much is made of who we go to school with and fame by asociation. For instance, I have long told people that I went to school with Dennis Wise! (I didn’t in fact – which readers of my book – how tom holland… will understand)… Read More »Tom Holland eclipsed…

triple eclipse

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Last night, my twins were in the their house play at school. A competition amongst six houses – each team doing a section from a famous play. I arrived as a bad dad. For some reason, I thought my boys were doing an exert from Sherlock… Read More »triple eclipse


Twitter is commonly used these days as a barometer of fame and/or success. I have long known that @tomholland1996 would outgun @domholland – and it has duly happened today which many people have gleefully been pointing out to me – so a good job I can take… Read More »Twittered!

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