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Me getting all Gandolf on you…

Amidst the Corona hysteria gripping the world, it seems that hunkering down and staying away from crowds is the way to survive. Or at least this is how it is being reported; along with avoid travelling and in planes in particular with the close proximity and recycled air. A problem for me then, given that I write this post in Dubai – on my third day of a 10 day tour. I could have cancelled the gigs of course but for the fact that I would forego my fee. My career choice being the original zero hours contract. No sick pay. No contracts. No laughs, no gigs and no money!

This is funny

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I have a particularly lovely sister – she lives close by has three kids of her own and is a great mum and auntie to my boys. Yesterday, she took my youngest little man to the cinema to see Jack and The Giantkiller – starring… Read More »This is funny

You heard it here first…

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Regular readers of this blog – Eclipsed – will recall that I worked with a lovely chap last year called John Williams. John was at stage school with one, Ewan McGregor – so a connection there… As well as being mightily impressed by his warmth… Read More »You heard it here first…

Scooping Fleet Street

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Thank you to all the people who have been in touch about ‘Daybreak’ today featuring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor from the forthcoming film, The Impossible. Tom is not appearing on this interview as he was at school on the day it was recorded where… Read More »Scooping Fleet Street