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how tom holland eclipsed his dad

Spider-Man injured!

Traffic is normally a bad thing and why we have apps to avoid it. Unless we have a blog of course, whereupon traffic is the Holy Grail. On-line – traffic is success and means sales and income. And as the owner of a website and… Read More »Spider-Man injured!

Give girls Lego?

  • by Dom

On my way in to London last week to appear on The Wright Stuff – someone very eminent on the radio – a social scientist explained that young girls should be given Lego and Meccano as presents and I tutted. What a load of tosh… Read More »Give girls Lego?

Spiderman who?

A few things of note this week – principally though that I am now Spiderman’s dad. This is has definitely been the main thing for me. That my eldest son, Tom has become a Peter. Also, turns out that my phone is not broken after… Read More »Spiderman who?

Good dad/bad dad?

  • by Dom

With four sons – there are rites of passage in life. My boys becoming taller than their dad (two of them so far – two more to come, hopefully), stronger (one of them), faster (one of them), cleverer (three of them), more successful (one of them)… And… Read More »Good dad/bad dad?

I can’t get on Channel 4

  • by Dom

I was the first ever comedian to appear on Channel Four – well before Jack Dee got his well deserved break and the trendy cool types who reside on the Channel these days – Because I starred in the first movie that ever played on the channel… Read More »I can’t get on Channel 4