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how tom holland eclipsed his dad

Blast from the past…

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I’ve mentioned a few times on here – hooking up with people from my past. I am easier to remember than most and not just because of my unusual face. My job helps plus the fact that I haven’t changed much. Got a review of my… Read More »Blast from the past…

Bafta, Burberry, Blah, Blah

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BAFTA and Burberry Pick 17 Breakthrough Brits 9:44 AM PDT 9/25/2013 by Stuart Kemp 0 2 0 0 0 Email Print Comments Tom Holland in “The Impossible” Names on the inaugural list include actor Tom Holland (“The Impossible”), filmmaker Rowan Athale and writer Dominic Mitchell… Read More »Bafta, Burberry, Blah, Blah

BBC world Service

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It might be an unearthly hour – but tonight (or more accurately, Weds am) – between 1am and 2am – I will be a guest on business matters – hopefully being entertaining, insightful and concealing the fact that I know nothing about business. Just so… Read More »BBC world Service

An old school friend

Bumped in to an old school friend the other day. I’m talking primary school here, so going back over 30 years. She recognised me instantly, presumably because of my career? Dom – she called out and immediately I felt an enormous pressure. This was not a… Read More »An old school friend

Gone Girl

As an author who has recently published two new books, naturally I am interested in any book that is described as a viral sensation. Not so interested that I bothered with any of the ’50 shades…’ nonsense – but Gone Girl kept prodding me until I… Read More »Gone Girl

A tribute

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This morning I was bleary eyed – sorting out various bowls of various cereals – frying eggs to try and coincide with beige toast – all whilst keeping an ear on BBC Radio5. My boys and their breakfast squabbles are always louder than the radio but this… Read More »A tribute

Thank you reviewers…

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I expect like most authors, I frequently check on-line for news of sales and particularly of reviews. When I was first published, it was all about getting reviewed in national newspapers and magazines. But now with my latest two ebooks, I didn’t try to generate any formal reviews at all. Now it is all… Read More »Thank you reviewers…