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Story telling…

  • by Dom

An audition yesterday for Audible to become a book narrator which was different and exciting. Especially so since they asked me to bring along two pieces to read – a fiction and non-fiction and ‘it should be writing that I feel comfortable reading in my… Read More »Story telling…

Tiger in a garden shed…

  • by Dom

We can argue whether America is the leader of the free world or nor but it is indisputable that America is the world’s cultural superpower with its influence far, wide and complete. By this I mean, it’s influence on other cultures. Our rock stars sing… Read More »Tiger in a garden shed…

BBC R4’s A Good Read

  • by Dom

I appeared on this show today – the format of which is simple enough – choose a book that I think is a good read and then the book is discussed with my fellow panellists. Simple enough but also a task fraught with danger. A… Read More »BBC R4’s A Good Read

The power of free…

  • by Dom

Or at least we will see what has worked so well for Time Out, The Evening Standard and Metro But after a considerable effort on my part – I have made Only in America fee to all people with any kind of smart phone, tablet… Read More »The power of free…

Help please?

  • by Dom

Did you buy my first novel Only in America from Amazon last Thursday, 6th March. The reason why  I ask is because my sales on this day went nuts – I sold 140 odd copies in this day alone and I don’t care to admit… Read More »Help please?

diet over – final picture tonight.

  • by Dom

For now though – news that Only in America is free again this Friday AND Saturday – please pass news on to your friends who can read!