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The spoken word…

To Oxford this week, the city of spires and steeples, quadrangles and gowns, bicycles and Dons. The oldest university town in the English speaking world, founded in 1069. The university where 28 UK Prime Ministers cut their teeth and 72 Nobel prize winners learnt their… Read More »The spoken word…

Who have you come as?

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Last weekend, I went along to MCM Comic Con with some trepidation; not knowing what to expect nor what might be required of me. The moment I arrived I realised that I am hopelessly under-dressed in a plain shirt and jeans (both from TK Max,… Read More »Who have you come as?

Spiderman who?

A few things of note this week – principally though that I am now Spiderman’s dad. This is has definitely been the main thing for me. That my eldest son, Tom has become a Peter. Also, turns out that my phone is not broken after… Read More »Spiderman who?