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That’s my boys…

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With what is happening to Tom and my family at present – I am conscious that pride is one of the seven deadly sins and rightly so. No one likes a smug bastard after all? But something happened the other night which made me very… Read More »That’s my boys…

Andy the Great

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Any stand up worth his salt will tell you that material goes out of date and needs to be dropped. Some routines just become stale. Others become clichéd and feel generic and some are outdone by technology. For years I relied heavily on my fax… Read More »Andy the Great

A sad knock out

A big fight this weekend and an interesting one for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, two white men contesting the heavy weight championship of the world. When was the last time this happened – Rocky III aside? One of the boxers is British – a… Read More »A sad knock out

Spider-Man injured!

Traffic is normally a bad thing and why we have apps to avoid it. Unless we have a blog of course, whereupon traffic is the Holy Grail. On-line – traffic is success and means sales and income. And as the owner of a website and… Read More »Spider-Man injured!

Our United Kingdom?

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As an Englishman, this has been a tough Rugby World Cup. Like most of my countrymen, I came to it with high and yet realistic expectations. Not that England would win the thing but that they would acquit themselves well by making a semi-final and… Read More »Our United Kingdom?

Why I am world no.1?

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I have written on this blog before about the various issues I have with celebrity golf days. Namely the humiliation that comes with being a ‘celebrity’ of dubious calibre and especially so to my playing partners who have paid top dollar in the hope of… Read More »Why I am world no.1?