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Give girls Lego?

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On my way in to London last week to appear on The Wright Stuff – someone very eminent on the radio – a social scientist explained that young girls should be given Lego and Meccano as presents and I tutted. What a load of tosh… Read More »Give girls Lego?

Pure Guilt…

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I’ve been on cruise ships before – performing in various on-board bars and theatres in my time, but for Mrs H and our 4 boys – this summer’s holiday cruise was a first and I suspect not the last since it was such a roaring… Read More »Pure Guilt…


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John Inverdale is a tough old boot and he’s needed to be. A long career playing rugby and withstanding the normal knocks that come with the game but also the further rugby injuries that come from being the well-known broadcast journalist that he is and… Read More »InverdaleGate

Feminists Take Aim

There is a certain irony to bullies taking aim at soft and easy targets as was perfectly demonstrated by the feminist outcry over a remark by Peter Allis – the much admired and respected octogenarian golf commentator. His crime was mentioning the words ‘women’ and… Read More »Feminists Take Aim

The Open Links

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I’ve always loved the Open Championship – one of the oldest and most coveted competitions in sport.   Everything about it is romantic. The fact that the winner is called The Champion Golfer of the Year – which seems so arrogant but there we are.… Read More »The Open Links

We are many

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We Are Many is a powerful documentary explaining the popular people’s uprising against the Iraq war. It is a compelling film but an uncomfortable watch for me. No sane or honest person still reasons that the second Iraq war was justified. It wasn’t. There were… Read More »We are many

Spiderman who?

A few things of note this week – principally though that I am now Spiderman’s dad. This is has definitely been the main thing for me. That my eldest son, Tom has become a Peter. Also, turns out that my phone is not broken after… Read More »Spiderman who?