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the goya awards

tomorrow I will be attending the Goya Awards in Madrid – expect a funny post in a day or two.  Eclipsed might now be over but some things are good to rub in…

Gun Crime

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  It is fairly logical that guns and knives are commonly associated with the word, crime. They have let legitimate uses of course, in particular, knives. I use knives every day without a thought of ever being arrested but I understand that in the wrong… Read More »Gun Crime

The Spark in Marks

I enjoyed many years working for various branches of Marks and Spencer. West Ealing, then the daddy of them all, Marble Arch in the warehouse but it all started off working in the posh Kensington High Street. Ken H St was good fun because the various… Read More »The Spark in Marks

out of the ashes…

So my plan was to record a stand up show in order to generate some footage for my forthcoming ebook that I ended up calling – how tom holland eclipsed his dad. Thanks to Pete Harris for help with the title. Pete is my ex-‘manager’… Read More »out of the ashes…

Believe in people

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So this week I was lost and bereft – not because of anything terrible like a bereavement or an illness but because I could not find my wallet. I don’t tend to drama but I was ashen. It was only maybe £50 (I say only… Read More »Believe in people

the wonders of the web

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This is one of the nicest emails I have ever received – and it cheered my day no end… Other people wishing to mail me with similar are very welcome. Hiya Dom, You may not remember – we met when I was compering a gig… Read More »the wonders of the web

The laws of twitter

Twitter is ultimately a popularity contest – an event played out openly for all to see whether particpants like it or not.  How many followers? This is the first question or the first thing that people look at. It denotes status.  And the ratio is absolutely central and… Read More »The laws of twitter

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