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Why I am world no.1?

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I have written on this blog before about the various issues I have with celebrity golf days. Namely the humiliation that comes with being a ‘celebrity’ of dubious calibre and especially so to my playing partners who have paid top dollar in the hope of… Read More »Why I am world no.1?

Give girls Lego?

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On my way in to London last week to appear on The Wright Stuff – someone very eminent on the radio – a social scientist explained that young girls should be given Lego and Meccano as presents and I tutted. What a load of tosh… Read More »Give girls Lego?


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John Inverdale is a tough old boot and he’s needed to be. A long career playing rugby and withstanding the normal knocks that come with the game but also the further rugby injuries that come from being the well-known broadcast journalist that he is and… Read More »InverdaleGate